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Why a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is like having a mentor, confidante, and all-around badass in your corner to help you achieve the goals you’re after faster – and with consistency.

The right trainer will help motivate and encourage you while providing training tips and advice specifically catered to your unique body type and lifestyle

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Greg McCoy

Profile Picture of Sara Pascale

Sara Pascale

Maja Bajac, Allen personal trainer

Maja Bajac

Connor Deuby, personal trainer in Allen

Connor Deuby

Tony Mack

Vicki Diaz

Diego Diaz

Greg Nesmith

Kim Lee

Rich Harris

Corey Tatum

Vicki Thomas

Yussef Luna

Jerry Jimenez

Diarra Bryant

Chris Prosser

Erik Decarvahlo

Travis St. John

Sean Holden

Brandon Briones

Braden Morrow

Steven Gabbert

Liz Duarte

Greg King