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in Richardson, Tx

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What our members have to say!

  • The workouts will not only take you the extra mile, but they will teach you technique and skill. I know that for me personally, gaining that skill and seeing results is what keeps me invested. I would recommend Mezger Martial Arts to anyone who wants to see improvement and build confidence in themselves! Great place!


  • The staff is very welcoming, they motivate you when you feel like you want to quit and overall they are just baddasses!! So grateful to be part of their tribe and continue training at this gym! Thank you again Guy Mezger & Audrey Wolfe for the incredible impact you have on people’s lives! I would highly recommend to everyone.


  • Joining Mezger Martial Arts has been one the smartest choices I made. Plus you gain self defense skills!!! Audrey and Guy have a great passion and are dedicated in helping you better yourself!! The workouts will make you sweat bullets the pain will make you not continue but it is all in your mind and if you want to better yourself you gotta go thru pain!!


  • Mezger’s MMA is a great place to train! They have a champion running the show who still teaches and coaches and all the others I’ve been able to learn from take the time to help you hone your skills and push you to achieve your goals! They are thorough with the details of striking and guarding while still allowing you to develop your own style! Most of them are active in the ring still too! If you want to transform yourself or progress, then look no further than here!


MMA for All Ages and Levels


Get an amazing workout, get in shape, AND learn MMA fundamentals


We regularly compete in statewide and national tournaments


We train professional fighters in both jiu jitsu and MMA

Meet the Head Coach

Guy Mezger

  • 6 Time World Champion
  • 7th Degree Black Belt
  • Elite Fighter Magazine’s Top 50 All Time Greatest MMA Fighter (48th)
  • 2012 Personal Trainers Hall of Fame
  • 2010 Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2003 IMAA Hall of Fame
  • 2001 Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • 2000 IMAA Fighter of the Year
  • 2000 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2000 Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 1999 IMAA Children’s Program of Excellence
  • 1997 Children’s Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • World Kickboxing Champion
  • Ultimate Fighting Champion
  • 3x King of Pancrase (World Free Fighting Champion)
  • WFFF World Freestyle Fighting Champion
  • 2x World Full Contact Karate Champion
  • World Masters Ju-Jitsu Champion – Brown Belt
  • Hand to Hand Combat / Defensive Tactics consultant with the Department of Defense, the US Military, and both civil and federal law enforcement
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Dallas Police Academy
  • Former President, HD Net Fights (now called AxS.tv)
  • Contributing commentator on television show Inside MMA