Course Includes:

Limit: 30 Participants
Weekly group workout with Greg at Hidden Gym*
1 Hour Zoom Presentation on Conditioning for Fat Loss
30 Days of Conditioning Workouts

*Workouts will be held at 6p on 11/22, 11/29, 12/6 & 12/23

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About Greg

Greg McCoy

Greg is a Gym Owner and Persona Trainer of 13+ Year. Greg is the owner of [Hidden Gym] along with his wife Tawna. Greg has trained over 1,000 clients in 10 different countries. He carries 8 active certifications and attends/hosts multiple continuing education events every year to continue to better himself and to serve his clients better. As an athlete, Greg is National Level Bodybuilder and has trained under some of the top coaches in the world and applies that knowledge to the betterment of his clients.


  • What kind of conditioning will we be doing?Each class focus on a different style of conditioning training. Ranging from High Intensity Intervals, Medium Intensity Endurance Work, and Recovery Focused Conditioning. The only conditioning, we won’t do as a group is long duration, low intensity, which will be assigned as homework during the 30-day period.
  • How Long is the Weekly Workout?50 Minutes
  • What is the class format?We will aim to stick the following format for each class
    First 10 minutes: Warm up, set up stations and connect HR monitors
    Next 30 minutes: Workout of the Day
    Final 10 minutes: Cool Down and Mindset Coaching
  • What Do I Need to Bring to the Weekly Workout?
    • Athletic clothing & footwear
    • Water
    • A chest strap heart rate monitor is preferred but not required
      * Polar H10 is our recommendation
    • Towel
  • Do I Need to Be Super Fit to Join?The workouts will not be easy. You do not need to be “Super Fit” however you will need a good base level of physical fitness to get the most out of the workouts. You need to be able to exercise at high/moderate intensity for 30 minutes.
  • What should I do after 30 days?Continue to put the conditioning principles you learned to work! If you want help putting all the pieces together: Strength Training, Cardio & Conditioning, Diet, Supplements, & Mindset then we would love to get you into our [Hidden Gym] coaching program!


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