Top 5 Tips for Competing in Bodybuilding After Pregnancy

Women’s bodies undergo many  transformations during pregnancy. Weight gain, expanding waistline and stretch marks are only some of the changes women experience in these nine months.

For some moms it might take years to get back in shape after giving birth.

Motherhood changes the life of every mother. It is like stepping into a new world full of unexpected experiences, long days and long nights.

Many women don’t know how to make time for everything and often their fitness takes the back seat. For gym lovers and bodybuilding athletes, it can be discouraging seeing their bodies change so drastically.

Kaici Galvan is a bodybuilding competitor, who proves that anything is possible. In the twelfth episode of Real McCoy Radio, she shares her postpartum journey back to the stage.

Do you want to know how to deal with motherhood and contest prep? Have you ever wondered what it takes to get back in a perfect shape, once your body experienced such huge swings in body composition? Host Greg and Kaici Galvan answer these, and many other questions in their podcast!

Kaici took part in the NPC Kuclo Classic  just 14 months after giving birth to her first child. She managed to make the most of her time and turned into a very organized and dedicated person.

Taking care of your newborn, working a full time job, and preparing for a bodybuilding show might seem impossible but Kaici set a goal for herself and didn’t give up.

Top 5 tips from Kaici Galvan  that can help anyone with a bodybuilding dream

1 – Think of your workout as an important meeting you’ve scheduled with yourself.

Don’t give yourself the chance to skip your workout. Considering whether to go to the gym today might only lead to making the wrong decision.

Plan ahead when you are going to the gym, show up there and execute your plan.

2 – Always prepare your meals for the entire day. 

Life can be unexpected sometimes, so make sure your food is not.

Cook all of your meals for the day in the morning or the night before. This way there would be no reason for you to mess up your diet.

3 – Find your strong Why. 

You should know exactly why you are doing it.

For instance, Kaici really wanted to set a good example to her son, so she developed the characteristics of a strong, devoted and goal-oriented  mother.

There will be hard days and you might not feel motivated to go to the gym or eat according to your goal. On such days, the consistency of discipline overrides the motivation. Your Why is what fuels that consistency.

4 – Time management is key. 

When days get busy, you should have strong time management skills. Being a mother with many responsibilities and preparing for a bodybuilding show can be quite a challenge.

Try to prioritize your tasks wisely and remove yourself from distractions. Follow  an organized schedule and have a clear picture of what you need to complete.

5 – Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Make sure that the people around you have your back to that commitment.

Even if your family and friends are not into bodybuilding, it would be best if they understand and support you. Having someone to count on can make the whole process a lot easier and less stressful.

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