Tony Mack the New Head Coach of the Dallas Enforcers

We’re pleased to announce that our own head boxing coach and owner of T Mack Elite Training, Tony Mack, is now the Head Coach of the Team Combat League’s Dallas Enforcers boxing team.

What is the Team Combat League?

The new team concept of boxing, the Team Combat League, is an intense new way to see high-intensity boxing action of a variety of styles and classes. During its first year, the league offered fans rapid-fire rounds of boxing in a variety of weight classes, including both male and female boxers – all in one event. Following the success of its first season, the second season promises to raise the enjoyment and intensity even higher.

Each event consists of twenty-four, three-minute rounds. The first eight rounds are the Launch Rounds, rounds nine to sixteen are the Middle Rounds, and the final eight are the Money Rounds.

Each competitor fights one time in each of the Launch, Middle, and Money Rounds, representing their team a total of three times per event. This limited fight time, with significant recovery and rest between turns, means that each boxer’s energy and intensity are at their maximum levels during each fight. It’s like the 100m sprint of the boxing world, or the last few minutes of a tied playoff game.

There are eight weight classes represented, six male and two female. The male classes are 126lbs., 135lbs., 147lbs., 160lbs., 175lbs., and 201lbs.+, and the female classes are 126lbs., and 147lbs. Each team sends two fighters per weight class into the ring, for a total of eight per team.

The rounds are scored individually, by a panel of three judges, each of whom is licensed by the State Athletic Boxing Commission, using an exclusive point system. Point margins are slim and every round matters – there are no throw-away fights in this system. The scores for each of the rounds are added up to result in the team score – the highest total is the winning team.

With sixty-eight events per season and twenty-four rounds per event, that’s an impressive 1632 rounds of intense boxing action!

Who Are the Dallas Enforcers?

The Dallas Enforcers are one of five teams in the West Coast division (there are seven in the East Coast division as well). They were the second-place West Coast team and fifth overall in the league for season one.

Season two is gearing up and teams are determining their boxers for this year. Who are they? We’ll have to wait and see, as team try-outs for the enforcers are to take place at the Hidden Gym on Saturday and Sunday, the 2nd and 3rd of December.

Interested? All candidates will need to be within ten pounds of the weight in which they hope to compete. If you are overweight, you can try out at a higher weight class and change it later. Take your shot to join the likes of Greg Hardy, Daniel Bailey, and Leanne Calderon, side by side, as you take on the best the rest of the country has to offer. You might be one of the new rising stars of the Team Combat League, what some experts consider the future of the sport of boxing.

Check out the attached pamphlet for more details.

What does Tony Mack bring to this exciting new league?

Mack is a high-achieving, dedicated figure in the world of boxing and fitness. He is a USA certified boxing trainer, a personal trainer, and personal wellness coach.

To back up these certifications he brings an impressive record of boxing success as a competitor. He was on the USA National Boxing Team, and was a World Series of Boxing team member too. He is a Texas Super Middleweight Champ, a six-time Dallas Golden Glove Champion, and a USA National Champion. With a professional record of thirteen wins, one loss, and one draw, he knows a little something about what it takes to dominate in the ring and in the overall sport of boxing.

Mack centers his training efforts at the Hidden Gym, where he is the head boxing coach and runs T Mack Elite Training, his own company that trains and guides boxers, mixed martial artists, and those who want to train with the intensity and style of elite fighters. He’s an all-around boxing pro, a solid mentor, and a role model for those with hopes to rise up in the sport.

That’s what he’s bringing to the new league and to the boxers who will train under his guidance.

Congratulations to Tony, and to the Dallas Enforcers for their excellent choice in a new coach – we’re happy to share him a little, as he’s added a lot to the Hidden Gym family.

Be sure to follow this exciting new league and to keep an eye out for Mack and the Dallas Enforcers as they take on the rest of the country in Season Two of the Team Combat League.

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