The Training Year

Today’s video is an explanation and depiction of how the [Hidden Gym] Training Staff looks at The Training Year. To create the best results in our clients it is important to have a long-term plan in place. We recommend all our clients understand these concepts and attempt to apply them to there own training.

To test and improve your application of these concepts we advise filling out this short quiz:

Time Frames

  • Offseason 3 – 12 months
  • Pre/Post Season 4-8 weeks
  • In Season 12-20 weeks

Training Blocks

Our Programming: 12 weeks blocks, 3 x 4 week phases per block

  • 1-3 blocks per offseason
  • 1 block pre/post season
  • 1 block in-season

Training Year Goals

Offseason Goals

  1. Make long term improvements (bringing up weak points)
  2. Sustainable/Lifestyle Programming
  3. Improved Metabolism

Pre/Post Season Goals

  1. Properly Transition to/from Prep
  2. Mental shift to/from prep
  3. Focus on recovery
    1. Either being recovered and fresh to start prep
    2. Or recovering from prep

Prep Goals

  1. Achieve your physiques optimal potential
  2. Prioritize program adherence and execution
  3. Don’t jeopardize long term results