The Mindset Podcast – Episode 8

The world we live in is already crowded with so many similar ideas. Many of the products and services in the fitness industry have little to no difference, they’re just named differently.

While it is very difficult to stand out in this market, it is not impossible if your goal is to really add value to the industry.

In this episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Steven and Greg talk about the importance of being original and why copying someone else’s work won’t make you successful.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do when creating your product or service is to look at the big companies and try to copy them. If you decide to compete against them by doing what they’re doing, failing is guaranteed.

Your unique approach to things is your advantage. You have to own your own entity and ideas if you want to have long-term success. It takes longer to come up with something brilliant and original by yourself, and it’s definitely more difficult than copying someone else’s work, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Keep in mind that sometimes, you might be copying someone without realizing it. We see so many different things on social media that stick to our brains, then we come up with something similar and we forget that we saw it from another company or brand.

To avoid this, you can unfollow the companies on social media that are in the same industry as you. This way you’ll be staying in your lane and everything you create will be original.

Another interesting point that Greg and Steven bring is that it is okay to get inspired by other companies, as long as they’re not from the same industry as you.

Look for another industry that’s already executed and done really well and try to incorporate some of their ideas into yours. Look at their success path and find how you can merge that into your industry by adding value.

When looking at other successful industries for inspiration, you can ask yourself questions like:

  • How are these guys winning?
  • What are they doing really well?
  • How can we add that cool thing to our cool thing?

This can help you stay on top of your game without stealing ideas from your competition.

Steven notes that being original and different might not always be understood and welcomed. We learn what is valuable by failure. Sometimes, we might think that we got the greatest idea of all time but people won’t necessarily see the value in it.

If this happens, we got two options –  attempt to educate people on why our idea is valuable, or accept that our project should change and improve. Whatever the outcome is, we’ll learn a lesson.

What matters most is to keep trying and keep taking risks.

For example, Greg says that when they get a new machine for the gym, they don’t know whether the members are going to like it or not. Sometimes, nobody would even look at it. Other times, there would be new people wanting to become members because of that new and different piece of equipment.

Allow yourself to try different things and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the desired results at first. With time and experience, you’ll get better and better.

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