The Mindset Podcast – Episode 7

Whenever we decide to do something new, whether a business or a hobby, getting started is the part we face the strongest resistance. We often have too many choices and get overwhelmed in the process, which leads to indecisiveness.

In the seventh episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven talk about the

most effective way to get rolling in the right direction. That goes into being malleable, being a chameleon.Greg shares an interesting story about missing an opportunity when he first started his business, because of not being flexible.

When he opened his first gym Metroflex in 2009, he was only 22 years old and didn’t have the budget for good marketing. YouTube was still a very young platform back then and he started filming members working out. Soon, more and more people wanted to be on YouTube and volunteered to be on the videos and create content.

Soon, Greg’s videos started to pick up a lot of traction and got verified to get ad money.

Simultaneously, his business started to grow too and he told to himself “Well, I don’t need to do this YouTube stuff anymore because I can afford real marketing!”.

Looking at the story from today’s perspective, Greg missed the perfect opportunity to become the most recognizable gym owner on YouTube, since he was one of the first people to do videos like that back then. He says that he had a rigid mindset when he first started his business and didn’t know that he should always look for that next good avenue.

The good thing about this story is that he learned from it. We can’t be angry with ourselves for doing mistakes that can be avoided only by experience.

Whenever you miss an opportunity, make sure you understand why it happened and change something in your approach.

Being malleable is important, not only at the beginning of a new project but throughout the whole journey.

Furthermore, being flexible ensures that other people will be willing to work with you. Nobody wants to deal with a close-minded person and good business opportunities often come from others who are looking for partners.

Note that there’s a dichotomy in every piece of advice.

You need to stay flexible and open to opportunities, but at the same time, you should stick to your guns too. Weigh things out. Don’t marry an idea or belief. Stay adaptable and accept feedback from others, whether that’s from a customer, a spouse, or an employee.

The most important thing you need to learn is to never be too good to make a change.

Especially in the beginning when you need to gain experience and stack some failures under your belt. Stay confident that you can handle anything, but also, be open to change and figure things out as you go.

As Steven says, focus on the next 200 feet in front of you, have an open mindset, and be a chameleon. This should be enough for a strong start.

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