The Mindset Podcast – Episode 5

You’ve probably come across this quote at least once in your life – “You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it”.

While we all agree with that statement, when things go south it’s very easy to fall into the trap of victim mentality.

In the fifth episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven talk about adversity and how you can actually use it to your advantage.

That’s right, the unfortunate circumstances don’t have to be only bad.

Adversity can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s all up to you to decide. No matter how unpleasant certain situations can be, you should remember that adversity is what builds a strong character. The more things you go through, the more skilled and prepared you become for whatever life throws at you.

It might be a hard pill to swallow but life is not always easy and we should be ready to face anything.

No matter how tough some situations get for us, we should always put our problems into context. If we don’t gain experience and learn something from an unfortunate stage of our lives, then we suffered for nothing.

As Steven noted during the podcast, stressing out and feeling sorry for yourself will never solve any of your issues. Stressing over something without working on making things better will only increase your cortisol (stress hormone) and put you in a worse place, both mentally and physically. High levels of cortisol are associated with health issues, such as chronic pain, insomnia, GI tract problems, depression, anxiety, and a long list of other undesirable conditions.

Adding health problems to your other hardships can shut you down mentally and make you feel hopeless.

In order to avoid that you should learn how to accept anything that happens and stay as calm as possible.

Another important topic that Greg brought up, is the life of the Navy SEALs. The Navy SEALs go through war simulation, insane physical training, and put themselves through a hell of a challenge, so they can be ready for war.

Greg shares that he admires this culture and every time he faces difficulties in his entrepreneurial life, he’s treating it as a boot camp that makes him stronger.

When you go through something harsh, reflect on the situation and understand that it will help you develop the skillset you need to accomplish your goals. If you really want to achieve what you desire and be proud of yourself, you can treat the difficult part as training that you volunteered for, just like a SEAL.

Instead of wrecking you, it should make you ready to receive everything you wanted.

If you want to be the person who achieves things in life, you should let go of the comfort of the victim mentality. Adopt the mindset of a lifelong learner who is willing to gain knowledge and experience from every situation and you’ll be unstoppable!

Do you want to listen to the full episode of The Mindset Podcast with Greg and Steven? You can do it here!

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