The Mindset Podcast – Episode 2

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape our confidence.

Our mindset can be our best friend who supports us and help us make everything possible, or it can be our biggest sabotager. If we are not careful with our thoughts, they can create false self barricades that hold us back.

In this episode of The Mindset Podcast, business owners Greg and Steven talk about the importance of uplifting self-talk.

Greg finds mental performance coaching to be extremely important. Greg is a personal trainer and the owner of Hidden Gym. He shares that the whole team of trainers works with mental performance coaches because helping members and clients achieve their goals comes down to the mental game. That’s also the reason they created Unleashed Podcast where they discuss similar topics and educate the listeners on mental toughness, and motivate them to set big goals.

The environment you surround yourself with is another crucial aspect in improving your mental game and setting bigger goals. If you see something happening you believe it’s possible.

For example, if you work out at a cheap $10/month gym, the people who train there are probably not the most motivated ones to achieve outstanding results. If these $10 that the members pay for the gym doesn’t matter much to them, they don’t feel like they have invested anything in that membership, and therefore, they are a lot more likely to skip workouts anytime they don’t feel like it. Furthermore, if you are the hardest working person there, you won’t be challenged by others to achieve greater goals.

In contrast, if you decide to work out in a gym with hard-working individuals who compete in sports, prioritize their training and nutrition over short-term distractions, and are determined to get even better results, this would motivate you to do your best too. You will see those other humans who are just like you, defeating their excuses and tapping into their greatest potential. Chances are, you will be excited to go to that gym, learn from these people, and grow with them.

If you look at the people you see as successful and they live a life you want to live, you should ask yourself this – “What’s the difference between you and them?”.

And here is the awesome part, there is absolutely no difference! You are a human, just like them, and if they can do it, so can you!

What you should change though, is what you tell yourself about yourself. Get rid of the habit of thinking small and erase the word “I can’t” from your mind. This might be easier said than done and it certainly takes time and effort, but just like with everything in life, you should be consistent.

You should practice self-awareness and change your inner dialogue every time you catch yourself drowning in destructive thoughts. You are responsible for your own success and everything starts with your mind and thoughts.

Remember that if you are comfortable you are probably setting too small goals for yourself.

Steven shares a very good example of growth. For a lobster to grow it has to break through its shell. The lobster literally gets uncomfortable, breaks through the shell, and continues growing.

The boundaries we create for ourselves are no different than the lobsters’ shells. The only way to keep on growing is to break them.

Listen to the full episode of The Mindset Podcast here for more inspiration and motivation for growth!

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