The Mindset Podcast – Episode 11

We live in times where we have more choices than ever and every industry is highly competitive. If you want to run a successful business, you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.

Building trust and providing value for your clients is the absolute best way to win customers and develop long-lasting relationships.

In this episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven talk about the importance of providing high-quality products and services in order to dominate the market.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate any buyer’s remorse that a customer might have after paying for your product or service. According to Steven, the best way to do this is by adding as much value as possible to your offering.

Let’s get more specific and take the fitness industry as an example. The people who come to the gym often need a radical change. This means they believe in the gym and supplements brand they’ve chosen.

In this case, if the customers get disappointed by a service or product, they won’t just be upset for a day; they might even stop putting effort into improving their health, which is a very serious outcome.

Greg mentions that it’s crucial to understand the emotional rollercoaster that fitness customers go through. When someone is doing something new for their health and fitness, such as signing up for a gym or buying supplements, they’ve got optimism. It might be naive, but they’re excited because they know that changes are coming. Then, things start to dip and they get a taste of reality and realize that things are harder than they thought.

Fitness results usually take more work and time than people expect. This is called the valley of despair, which is also the time when people start doubting themselves, and oftentimes – quit. Then, after some time, they usually repeat the cycle of starting over and quitting again.

In order to prevent this from happening, those who work in the fitness industry should make sure to do their best work, so they can impact more lives.

This statement is true for any industry that offers meaningful products or services – anything that makes people’s life easier, funnier, or more interesting should be presented, delivered, and marketed in the best way possible. There’s no need for another mediocre service out there.

Another important topic that Greg and Steven bring up is about cutting corners in business.

While there are many corners you can cut, in both, a service-based and a product-based business, you must make sure that if somebody’s spending their hard-earned money on your product, you are giving them what they think they are buying.

If you try to cut the corner and find a “shortcut” it’s going to catch up to you. There’s nothing you can do ethically that can save you time and bring you more profit. Sometimes, the long way is the only sure way.

If you burn bridges in any industry, you quickly realize how small that industry is. Don’t ever risk people’s trust for short-term rewards. Remember that it takes years to build trust and meaningful relationships and only seconds to lose everything.

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