The Mindset Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the Mindset Podcast with Steven Salmon and Greg McCoy.

The mindset is what determines one’s success or failure. If we can’t control our mindset, we can’t control anything at all.

In the first episode of the podcast, Steven and Greg talk about leadership. They are both business owners and share the unpopular opinion – not all leaders lead

While this might some controversial at first glance, the only way to teach the employees new concepts and skills is when you take the back seat and let them try.

Every CEO should aim to have people in their companies that are leaders, that can think independently and make decisions. Even if not leading means watching your employees make mistakes you could’ve prevented, with the right guidance they will learn and will be able to do more and more things by themselves.

Why leaders should be available instead of busy all the time

If you’re doing everything by yourself you can end up burnt out and lose your drive to accomplish new things. Nobody can be great at everything and this is why teamwork makes the dream work. We all have limited time and energy each day and it should be used wisely.

Leaders should not do everything by themselves but they should be available whenever a problem occurs.

Greg shares that the more things his employees learn to do by themselves, the more free time he can have, which makes him always accessible to his staff. Being available for your team when they need help is essential if you want to create a safe and supportive work environment.

Adopting this leadership approach might be difficult for people who have an achiever type of personality. Usually, leaders want to be busy all the time and achieve more and more things every day. However, this makes them unavailable to their staff, and if a leader is too busy to offer advice, they are failing at their job.

No matter how uncomfortable slow schedules might feel, availability is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Being around to help your employees, finding solutions together, and coaching them is what makes the difference between telling someone what to do and teaching them how to do it.

The first approach creates employees that follow instructions blindly, while the second one creates skilled and motivated staff that keeps evolving.

The most famous analogy from the animal kingdom is the wolf pack. The lead wolf is always at the back of the pack but he is always available and ready to step in and lead.

Listen to the full episode of the mindset podcast for more inspiration and insights on leadership!

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