The Decline of PE Class – Radio Interview with Greg McCoy

Childhood obesity has been a serious problem for quite some time now. With all the video games and smartphones, children are less interested in participating in physical activity and playing outdoors.

Greg McCoy joins the WILS 1320 radio to chat with host Mike about childhood obesity and the decline of physical education (PE) classes. Besides gym owner and personal trainer, Greg is also a specialist in sports nutrition and a youth fitness coach.

Physical activity in school is very important for children’s development in many areas. Unfortunately, the schools’ budgets are tight and they are cutting back on PE classes.

Everybody knows that inactivity, and all of the health concerns that are related directly to being overweight, is shortening our lifespan.

Greg shares that childhood obesity is at an all-time high and is trending in the wrong direction. Children are becoming more and more obese and this is the first generation that is predicted to live less long than their parents.

Who’s responsible for this?

Indeed, there’s a responsibility at home and there’s a responsibility for the children themselves. However, kids can’t take a big part of the responsibility because they rely on adults to take care of them.

Children spend a good amount of their day in school. The schools have to take a certain level of responsibility for keeping these kids active. Furthermore, there’re so many proven benefits on how a child performs academically, mentally, and emotionally, when they’re physically active throughout the day!

Some of the most fascinating research that has come out recently is about exercise’s effects on the brain. Neuroscientists say that even if exercise didn’t affect our bodies, it would still be worth doing because of how it impacts the brain!

There’s an interesting book called Spark by Dr. John Ratey. He calls exercise “miracle growth” for the brain because it actually promotes brain cell growth. If you pair that correctly with learning, especially where kids might be struggling with focus or a hard subject, their brains will be more active.

Mike shares that his children are on a homeschooling regimen and his wife uses physical activity as a tool to bring their attention back when they get tired or foggy. He says that some laps around the house work wonders and their children are ready to remember and learn new things again in no time!

Physical education is something that affects all of us in terms of healthcare costs and in the longevity of our children. The subject should be talked about more often and kids should be encouraged to participate in sports, outdoor activities, and workouts.

You can listen to the full interview with Greg and Mike here.

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