The Allen Americans Choose Hidden Gym as their Official Training Facility

We are pleased to announce that The Allen Americans hockey team has chosen Hidden Gym to be their official training facility for the 2023/2024 season.

The Americans were founded in 2009 and quickly won their first championship in 2013, repeating the feat in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Now this four-time championship team is setting up to train with us as they make another run at that trophy for the new season.

Changes, Changes

We’re not the only change to the team this year, as Myles Jack becomes the new majority owner of the Americans. Jack spent six years as a linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars and one with the Pittsburgh Steelers before retiring from pro ball, and has now become the first African American majority owner of any pro hockey franchise.

Also joining the ownership team are Zawyer Sports & Entertainment, and Rev Entertainment, great partners to have as they take on one of the largest-reaching television deals in Minor League Sports, with CW33. The deal will see the team’s 12 regular games broadcast into over 2.5 million homes in the DFW area.

It’s looking to be a great year for the Americans!

A clear goal

With management in place, the goal clearly set, and more fans than ever waiting to watch them fight for it, the players can focus on practice and training. We’ll leave their practice to the coaches, but when it comes to the training, we are proud to provide the best in facilities and resources here at Hidden Gym.


Free weights, ropes, racks, and more will assist in building muscle strength and explosive power, 3D body scans, ozone therapy, chiropractic and cupping will assist with monitoring and recovery, and our supplements shop and training experts are there if needed. There is even a facility for boxing and MMA training if they – ahem – need any of that, too.

Who is coming?

Joining the 25 players themselves will be 16 ice dancers, coaching staff, and office staff, who will all use the facility for baseline fitness testing, training, and personal fitness, all with the aid of our skilled staff and specialized App.

Why Hidden Gym?

Free Weights

Professional athletes can’t get away with just looking good; they need to build the strength and explosive responses that their sports demand. They do this largely using free weights (barbells and dumbbells). Many gyms are either too limited in the number of free weights available, or there isn’t enough clear space to actually use them properly – especially when going for that explosive power.

Hand Selected Machines

We aren’t limited to free weights either. We have hand selected machines for isolating muscle groups and targeting certain movements – for tweaking performance, assisting injury recovery, and building muscle-memory for proper form.

Great Staff

Our personal training staff have experience training every level of athlete, from the hopeful novice to the pro in their prime, across many sports – from the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, to little leaguers and recreational athletes with high personal performance goals.

Recovery Facilities

When the work is done, the advice applied, and the day’s workout is complete, a little ozone therapy, chiropractic, or cupping can speed recovery and keep the wear and tear of the body to a minimum – and all of this is based on site. Our facilities create the best setting in which to work, recover, hit the showers, and head home knowing that the job was done fully, and done well.

Peak Performance Atmosphere

The reason many of the pros prefer Hidden Gym is more than just our cutting-edge facilities though, it’s the peak-performance vibe of the place. Whether the goal is to sculpt a killer body – or to bring home another championship trophy – that kind of immersive setting is necessary.

It can be frustrating for a serious athlete to train at a big box corporate gym. The struggle to find the right equipment, to get a turn on it, and to navigate overly crowded weight room floors with less-than-motivated people mixed in, taking up room, chatting, and dropping the intensity of a workout. Not so, at Hidden Gym.

Not everyone here is a pro athlete, but they are very serious about reaching their goals and pushing for newer, higher levels of physical and mental success. You want to know why a professional championship team wants to train at Hidden Gym? It’s because they’ll fit right in.

A Welcome to the Team

“We are really excited about the partnership with the Allen Americans this year,” says gym owner, Greg McCoy, “We know we can improve their season by providing a world-class training environment for them. We are also excited to support the health & fitness of the entire organization, as well as continuing to be involved in the Allen, Texas community.”

We hope everyone reading this will catch a home game at the Credit Union of Texas Event Center in The Village at Allen, or even an away game to support the guys when they’re on the road. If you’re a serious athlete – or are determined to become one – then you might even want to become a part of the community here at Hidden Gym.

Bring your A-game, and we’ll give you ours.

Ready to take your fitness game to the next level? If you live in Allen, Richardson, Dallas, or Plano, make sure to get your free day pass to join Hidden Gym! Become a part of the most motivating place in the DFW area that will help you live a healthier life!