Success Superstars – Taking Care of Your Health – Greg McCoy

Success Superstars is your go-to place for inspiration from peak performers just like you! The podcast aims to provide a platform to share best practices and success across JPAR teams, agents, and staff.

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JPAR Real Estate is a company that is famous for its high productivity and outstanding service. It has gone from the #1 independently and privately held brokerage in Texas to the fastest-growing 100% commission brokerage and franchise in the USA.

In this episode 226, guest Greg McCoy, personal trainer and gym owner, talks about the importance of health and wellness and how it can skyrocket the productivity of entrepreneurs.

According to Mark Johnson, host of the podcast and president of JPAR Real Estate, the five words ‘’I don’t feel like it” can kill more dreams and ideas than any other behavior.

Greg shares that “Discipline over motivation” is their motto in the gym and it helps clients and members adopt that mindset. Even though he has been competing in bodybuilding for 15 years and truly loves the sport, there are days when he doesn’t feel like working out either. But on days like that, he punches the clock and gets it done.

Because doing the things you need to do, when you don’t feel like doing them, separates the people who get results from those who don’t. 

During the podcast, Greg also answers some key questions that can help anyone who is ready to divorce their excuses and make fitness a lifestyle.

What is the optimal diet to lose weight?

There are so many research studies on the topic and they’ve essentially determined there’s not a single most optimal diet. People who want to lose weight just need to reduce calories and how they do it over enough time isn’t all that important.

The most significant success factors for weight loss turn out to be preparing meals in advance and a daily checklist. It’s those simple behavioral traits that do far more than a perfectly laid out meal plan.

How crucial is sleep for reaching fitness goals?

Getting enough sleep is one of the hardest, easy pieces of advice you’ll ever get. To sleep more sounds simple but it’s often the first thing to neglect when life gets busy.

However, sleep is not something you can skip if you really want to lose weight and/or build muscle and strength. If you’re doing things right in the gym, you break down your body in a way, and then it grows back stronger. If you don’t get adequate rest, it’s not going to repair itself and you won’t be fully recovered. Make sure to prioritize your sleep and maintain good sleep hygiene.

And what about the other easy but underrated habit – drinking enough water?

Hydration plays a huge role too in the way we move.

Even a 5% dehydration can lead to a 20% performance decline. Remember that a hydrated muscle is a well-performing muscle, so simply drink your water.

What’s the distinction between clients that always have excuses versus those that have the breakthrough?

What’s interesting is that high-performing professionals usually do the same things over and over again.

Consistency is the thing that really separates the people who have the breakthrough apart from the people with excuses. They always make time for working on their goals and just make it happen.

For example, if they are busy during their lunch hour, they wake up at 5 AM and come to do their workout.

That’s how successful people got to where they are. They apply that same discipline to different areas of their lives, such as their career, relationships, personal development, etc. When you want to be good at something and achieve great results, you have to be disciplined and willing to do the things you don’t feel like doing. There is no easy way out nor a shortcut.

Remember that to be in shape you need to do a few simple things consistently, rather than be perfect with your workout and diet plan for a few days. Commit to one small and easy step and then take it up a level. This is the most sustainable way to do it.

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