Six figure personal training: How to get there in 7 simple steps

In the first episode of Real McCoy Radio, the host Greg McCoy and his guest Jeff Dwelle brought some really valuable information to personal trainers and everyone, who  wants to make a successful career as a coach, and improve their business.

Greg is the owner of Hidden Gym and has many years of experience as a personal trainer. Jeff has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and he is here to share his experience and talk about his journey to six figure personal training.

Let’s jump straight into what these guys have to share.

As many other personal trainers, Jeff came into the industry because he was interested in bodybuilding. He started as a part-time, on-staff trainer. He didn’t have any prior experience, so in the beginning he only had his certification and ambition, which turns out enough when you put in effort.  But how did he turn his passion for fitness and coaching into a life-long, profitable career? 

Over time, Jeff realized that if he wanted to have a business, instead of just a job, he would need to add other services. He asked himself:

“What might be the niche that I can develop? What are things I know about that other people don’t?”

The answer didn’t take long and soon Jeff found out that at this time there was no local contest prep coach. He already had the knowledge and experience needed to guide a competitor through the preparation for a show, so he decided to give this idea a try. His goal was to have a place where he can provide a set of services that anyone in the bodybuilding industry could get something out of. After he had a clear goal, consistency,  hard work and dedication led to success.

This is a lot easier said than done and the great results didn’t come right after the start. Often in life, the beginning is the most complicated part of the journey, so here are the top 7 tips that Jeff recommend to help you kick start your career as a personal trainer.  

  • Identify who you are. If you want to offer some sort of services and help people the best way you can, you should know yourself really well. Write down your strengths, skills, and the aspects of coaching that you are most interested in.
  • Make who you are valuable to people. When you have an idea of what exactly you want to offer, find out how to become great at it. If there are other people offering the same service, understand what they are missing and offer that to your clients.
  • In the beginning, offer only 2-3 services. You don’t want to get overwhelmed with too many things. Start small with just a few services and become great at them.
  • Once you know exactly what you are selling, share it to the world aggressively. You are amazing at something and you are dedicated to your mission, now tell the world about it. You should advertise yourself, in order to have clients and reach out to more and more people.
  • Pay attention to your clients. When somebody trusts you and decides they need your service, never stop investing in them. Record information, practice your communication skills and learn from past mistakes.
  • Be professional. How you speak, how you dress, how you approach your business matters. Make sure you use the right tone of voice, understand body language and always be on time.
  • Keep improving. No matter how good you become, there are always new things to learn and room for improvement!

After you go through the beginning, there are tons of contingencies that you will have to deal with. The key takeaway from this interview is to strive for progress, not for perfection. There is no magic way to administer your business that is going to blow you out in front of everyone else. Fortunately, there is a way to progress consistently and this is what gives you real advantage over the others.

There are going to be kinks in the road and difficult times, which are inevitable part of the journey. You are not going to win every time, neither will you be able to always fix your problems. Jeff’s advice is to focus on having a consistent process with accountability and communication that increases your likelihood of moving forward in a positive way. Only then, you can be sure that you are on the right way towards your destination.

Do you want to listen to the whole episode of Real McCoy Radio? Click here and watch the full interview with Jeff Dwelle!

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