Staying Accountable to your Goals with Kelady Wendland

Are you planning to make changes in your lifestyle? The best way to stay on track for that is to hold yourself accountable for your progress. In this episode Kelady Wendland explains why is imperative to have a plan and precisely follow through it. Kelady talks about accountability and how Hidden Gym members are progressing by using this principle and leveraging the great atmosphere of the gym to stay motivated. Kelady also talks about baseline testing to get started, the upcoming app based workout and the advantage of working out with friends.

The Importance of Blood Work for Fitness Results with J Patel

Before starting a diet and a strict exercise regime, should you know more about yourself by having a professional evaluating your blood work? Absolutely! In this episode, J Patel explains the importance of blood work for any person that wants to be healthier regardless of their fitness’s goals. From an athlete to a regular fitness enthusiastic, it is imperative to better understand your current state, to better identify which areas to prioritize. Patel also covers some of the common causes for fatigue, hormone treatment and essential vitamins to enable your body to operate in a more optimal manner.

Building big shoulders with Casey Barnette

How to build great shoulders? For hard gainers it can be even more challenging to create bolder shoulders, and in this episode, Casey Barnette is going to explain how he was able to improve his shoulders based on a balanced routine and nutrition. Casey also talks about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, his new supplement company and the effects of Covid on his online coaching business.

Unleash your hidden potential with Greg McCoy

Many people ask if you have what it takes to achieve your goals, but sometimes you may not even be aware of what you have and maybe you have a hidden talent that was not unleashed yet. In this episode, Greg McCoy, owner of Hidden Gym is going to explain the project behind Unleash Podcast and how he plans to help people unleash their hidden potential. Greg talks about the core principles of Hidden Gym, how the podcast aligns to those principles, some lessons learned as Personal Trainer for the past 12 years and he introduces the host of the Unleash Podcast, Yuri Diogenes.