Peak Week

The 7 days leading up to a show are critical for being your best on stage when it counts. There are several methods we use with our clients to really bring the most out of your physique and create the most competitive final product. While every client’s peak week will look a bit different, we can generalize some of the methods we use and also help you mentally prepare for that week.

Your Peak Week Plan Document

  • Will be received by latest 7 days out
  • Is broken down day by day
    • Amount of water for each day
    • Cardio details for each day
    • Training plan for each day
    • Any changes in supplements for each day
    • Instructions for any kind of water manipulation supplements\
    • When to send your progress pictures and weights throughout the week
    • Fluid and meal timing for show day
    • Outline for day after the show

What it is going to feel like

  • Most competitors experience fatigue
  • Anxiousness is very common, the days go by slow
  • Training is anti-climactic – it feels unnatural to back off just before the show
  • Confusing – you might swap back frequently from feeling good, to wondering if you’re ready
  • Exciting – it’s not very often your physique can change by the day, try to enjoy the process and learn about your physique

Coaching Advice

  • Trust the process – you’ve hired coaches for a reason. Trust the process. Take notes and assess after the show.
  • Focus on execution – execution is what’s in your control. Put your energy here.
  • Be Prepared – plan ahead, don’t procrastinate, the less you have to worry about last-minute the better
  • Visualize success – visualize yourself achieving your goal. Increases confidence.