Paige Hathaway – Partner Workout

Paige Hathaway and HG Owner Tawna Eubanks perform a fun partner workout at Hidden Gym!

Paige Hathaway is known for her work as a fitness cover model, entrepreneur, and social media star. Born in Minnesota, United States, her early interest in sports, general athletics, and fitness, laid the foundation for her future career​​​​​ – and she’s built a lot on that foundation!

High School and College

Hathaway showed a love of health and fitness in high school, and showed promise as a soccer player too. She went on from there to complete a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine before embarking on a career in fitness modeling.

Career Launch!

In 2012 she took second place in the Ronnie Coleman Classic and her career shifted into high gear. She won the Flex August Bikini Model Search in 2013 and appeared in numerous fitness magazines like “Fitness Gurls,” “Women’s Health and Fitness,” “Oxygen,” and “Inside Fitness.” She spent the next three years as the face of the brand Shredz and launched her own “Fit in 5” challenge workout, designed to get participants fit in just five weeks of training.​​

She has shown prowess in the social media world, sharing her journey and inspiring people to reach their own fitness goals and potentials. Her following is significant, loyal – and seeing success in their own journeys.


Her efforts have led to participation in several areas of business, including fitness programs and challenges (including the “fit in 5” program), brand endorsements and collaborations. She’s launched her own fitness-related clothing and accessories line, a thriving social media channel with her own content creation, supported by advertisers, and her own website for promotion and retail sales. On top of all of this, she also offers personal training and coaching, public speaking, and workshops on health and fitness-related topics.

Non-Business Life

When she’s not building a business, or honing her own fitness, Hathaway shows a keen interest in interior design, expressing her creativity through decorating and organizing spaces – one look at her home on social media will highlight some of her great results.

Hathaway also embraces the cultural richness of travel and varied cuisines, taking advantage of her professional and personal opportunities to see the world.

She also advocates for the welfare of animals, sharing content that highlights her own pets and encourages her social media followers to share the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Her Training Style

Hathaway maintains a strict, year-round diet to ensure she gets the nutrition her elite training needs, without taking in too many calories, or the wrong kinds of foods – though she allows herself a cheat day once a week.

In her workouts, she favors a mix of high reps and plyometric workouts that focuses on legs, abs, and cardiovascular fitness.

A plyometric workout (also known as “jump training” or “plyos”) consists of exercises that increase muscular power and improve overall explosiveness. The fundamental principle behind plyometrics is to rapidly stretch the muscles (called the eccentric phase) and then contract them (the concentric phase) in a short interval of time. This process is known as the stretch-shortening cycle. It’s a dynamic, enjoyable, and effective way to feel the burn!

Want to see a sample of what this looks like? Check out this video. You’ll see Hathaway and workout partner, Tawna Eubanks, doing:

  1. Jump Lunge | Squat Combo
  2. Kneeling Squat Burpee combo
  3. Double Sided L-Sits Perform each movement 60 seconds on / 30 seconds rest
  4. Glute Bridge combo
  5. Bulgarian jump squat combo
  6. Lunge squat combo
  7. Curtsy lunges high knee combo

At the Hidden Gym

Hathaway uses the cutting-edge facilities at Hidden Gym to both work her body and restore it, and to support her nutritional and motivational needs. If you live in the area, you can too! The community at the gym is supportive and motivating, using partner training and mutual encouragement to help fellow gym-goers toward achieving their own goals.

Elite athletes like Hathaway do a lot to inspire others, leading by example, showing the clear benefits of high-level fitness, and modeling the discipline and work it takes to achieve and maintain high levels of physical ability and well-being.

We’re proud to have her here with us, and we’re proud to make some background appearances on her social media posts. Keep an eye out for new content on her platforms (links below) and for other inspirational people who meet together on their path to personal growth and achievement at Hidden Gym.

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