Learn to Box

Workouts inspired by boxing movements are fun and a good way to add variety to your regular training week. Such workouts are usually group trainings with a focus on cardiovascular exercises that make you sweat and help you feel toned and energized. While all of this is great and helpful for fat loss, have you ever considered joining a real boxing class, where professional boxing coaches teach you how to actually box?

Boxing is one of the most fascinating sports and there are many reasons for this. It trains your body in a way that you become more powerful, technical, explosive, and fast. Boxing trainings help you build lean muscle and burn fat, while also improving your conditioning and stamina.

Furthermore, boxing is a brain training too. It is definitely not only about punching; your focus should always be sharp, just like your jabs and hooks. You are responsible for constantly observing your opponent, notice their strengths and weaknesses and make a plan how to defeat them. However, observing only your opponents is not enough. You should be fully aware of your own game as well. Learning from your mistakes and making your strengths even more outstanding is essential part of being a good boxer.

Boxing is not considered a team sport but the right coaches and athletes around you matter just as much as your personal drive to succeed. There is a special kind of trust and understanding among individuals, who do martial arts together. They need to find the balance between sparing in a friendly but still efficient way and helping each other grow. It is not easy to stay humble, be feedback receptive and face your weaknesses in every training, but good athletes always manage to find such balance and work together smoothly, thanks to their self-awareness and, of course, their coaches.

Boxing classes are interesting thing to be a part of. You get the chance to experience professional coaching, train along with competitors, spar with different opponents, learn defensive and attacking techniques, and improve your speed, power and explosiveness.  Boxing workouts are extremely challenging but the group spirit in martial arts classes is strong enough to help you get through the toughest parts and find strength in yourself that you did not even imagine you might have.

It would not take long after you start boxing, to notice significant changes in your strength, endurance and mindset. Boxing workouts include practicing defensive and attacking techniques, footwork, conditioning drills, bag and/or partner work, sparing and strength training. It requires a decent amount of will power to complete such difficult training where you constantly push your limits and give 100% effort. Working that hard makes you feel proud of yourself and boosts your confidence, which is important characteristics for being successful in life.

The right coaches play a key role in your development as a boxer. They are the ones who see beyond your limits, help you release your potential and develop solid discipline. Your coaches are your closest people in the gym, they are supportive, strict and encouraging. Anyone, who has experience and success in boxing competitions, might know a lot about boxing but it takes a lot more to be a great coach. Boxing coaches must be knowledgeable and technical players and they must know how to teach what they know. We understand how important boxing coaches are and that is why at the boxing club of [Hidden Gym] teach only professionals.

If you are from Allen, Plano or Dallas, there are not many places in the area, where you can actually learn how to box and compete in the ring. The many fitness classes that include boxing movements might leave the impression that you can train boxing anywhere, but this is hardly the case. If you want to be entered into tournaments and be coached by some of the best USA Boxing certified coaches, you should join the classes at [Hidden Gym]. This is the place where you can actually experience what is like to be part of a boxing class, meet motivated and hard-working individuals and receive valuable lessons from experienced coaches, athletes and competitors.  Apart from boxing-inspired classes for weight loss, we offer real lessons that can prepare you for golden gloves tournaments and make you a fighter and winner not only in boxing, but in life as well.

Learning how to fight can boost the positive experiences in your everyday life significantly. Your mindset becomes stronger, which helps you get things done and be more organized and disciplined. You learn not to quit when things do not go your way – you simply find alternative without making a big deal of it. Besides training each one of the muscles in your body, you train your will power as well. Will power is a lot like a muscle too – the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Having strong will power makes everything easier, help you succeed and reach your goals, while overcoming any obstacles.

Everybody knows that teamwork makes the dream work. Without the right people next to you, winning boxing tournaments and getting all of the benefits of doing boxing, would be impossible. Do not hesitate to visit our boxing classes at [Hidden Gym]! Experience what is like to be a part of professional boxing classes, learn from the best in the area, and if you are serious about boxing- try out what is like to step in the ring. Our coaches will do anything they can to get you in shape and make you a great boxer. The health club of [Hidden Gym] is a fully equipped place where you can find everything you need to become a real athlete – from amazing gym and recovery classes to tough boxing workouts!

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