Keep Your Eye OFF The Prize

We’ve heard it 1,000 times: “Keep your eye on the prize.” But let’s break down how if this statement is interpreted wrong, this can actually be bad advice.

At [Hidden Gym], we believe in coaching members and clients to focus on the process, not on the outcome.

Process Over Outcome Mentality: The ability to stay focused on the journey without getting too caught up in the destination.

The Process: All the little steps it takes to reach your goal.

Ex) meal prep, individual workouts, writing your goals down daily, sleeping 7+ hours/night

The Outcome: The final goal/destination

Ex) Win a physique contest, lose 50lbs, win the championship, get a D1 Scholarship

Listen up because here’s some of the SECRET to why this WORKS EVERY TIME. When clients/members commit to the process over the outcome, we direct our energy to the daily things within our control. It’s a focus on execution, day in and day out. One of the most important skillsets we aim to pass onto members/clients is the ability to execute the plan consistently, with or without the feeling of motivation.

In Case You Missed It: Check out this blog and video on the difference between Motivation & Commitment.

Let’s learn about an acronym that will help you with this, and if you stop by the front desk at [Hidden Gym] during the remainder of 2021, and mention this blog post, then we will give you one of the reminder bracelets from the video.


What’s Important Now?

It’s easy to spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about the past or planning for the future. It can be difficult to maximize the present. The present is really the only thing we can control.

Use this acronym, and the reminder bracelet, to help you stay focused on what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. Because we know that every goal we have, no matter how big, is the sum of small actions repeated over time. Accomplish your goal 1 meal at a time, 1 workout at a time, 1 night’s sleep at a time, 1 night-before preparation at a time.

During Your Workout

What’s Important What’s Not
Rep Tempo Work Emails
Exercise Cues – ex) Hips back, Knees Out Social Media Surfing
Rest Period Talking too much at gym
Scale 1-10, How Hard Was That Set? What other people think of what you’re doing
What’s my next exercise? Posting to social media***
Give it my all ***Film what you need to, post it later
Squeeze the bar  
Having Proper Accessories  

During Your Cardio

What’s Important What’s Not
Heart Rate Anything that distracts you from those 3


Preparation Time

What’s Important What’s Not
Meal Prep Netflix, if you’re not prepared yet
Reviewing your day and planning what to eat Social Media, if you’re not prepared yet
Putting workouts in your calendar Work ***
Goal Setting ***Do you have proper boundaries to allow for your fitness goals?
Daily Supplements OPP (Other people’s problems)
Packing – gym bag, supps, shakers, etc. Anxiety over long term goal while not prepared for the day
Review tomorrow’s workout  
Fasted Weight  
Coaching Check-in  
Assessing previous day’s results  


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Process OVER Outcome.