Hidden Gym Trainers earn MPM Certifications from Top Mental Performance Coach

At Hidden Gym, we pride ourselves on having some of the best, most motivated, and highly trained coaches and trainers in the fitness game. We could just shrug and be satisfied with that success – but what kind of athlete does that? We are all competitors here, working as a team to be the best we can be, and to make those who train here the best they can be too.

Our latest step toward that ever-rising pinnacle of excellence is to up the mental game among our coaching staff, allowing them, in turn, to up the mental games of everyone who trains with us. Enter renowned mental performance coach, Brian Cain.

Cain’s Goal

Cain’s goal is to help athletes and clients consistently perform at their best, overcoming obstacles and staying focused under pressure. Gaining mastery over this kind of content will give our coaches even greater insight into how to help those who train at Hidden Gym.

The Course

Cain’s course focuses on the mindset and mental preparation of the athlete. He has seen coaches work hard to apply what they know, forging top-notch athletes who, on the face of things, should be the best in their sports… but there is a key component is missing.

Athletes can focus on a variety of areas – and indeed they should. This usually includes strength training for increased explosive power, and conditioning for more endurance, so the athletes can repeat those powerful movements repeatedly throughout a game, a race, or whatever challenge is set before them. It also includes sport-specific skill training and techniques, building flexibility and muscle memory for specific tasks. Closely related to this is movement quality – whether it is doing the perfect bicep curl to isolate a muscle, or honing the movement of a left hook for maximum speed and power. Every athlete needs this kind of training, and a lot of it.


But all of this, in Cain’s view, is not enough to make up for a lack of mental preparation and skill. This preparation can help an individual increase consistency of results, and even fill in coaching gaps, allowing the athlete to succeed where less prepared athletes fail to hit the goal. This kind of training and awareness can lift an individual or team beyond their competition, and even beyond their own self-expectations.

An Overall Better Experience

Not just the results are affected, however; the road to reaching them also changes. Coaches with this training are better able to motivate athletes, keep them focused during training, and mentally prepared to do the work.

Athletes who mess up a diet or workout plan, or make an error at a key point in a game, are able to reset without condemning themselves, shaking their confidence, or spiraling into repeated mistakes in the wake of just one. They are taught to remain calm under pressure, and to release explosive effort the moment it is needed.

On Board

It’s all about the mindset – and we at Hidden Gym are on board with that! We know first-hand how this kind of thinking helps athletes get faster, stronger, bigger, leaner, and better conditioned – whatever the goal set includes.


Don’t worry, this isn’t some hard-to-reach, complex process. Cain has spent more than ten years developing a system to make the results accessible to all kinds of athletes and personalities. It is built upon habits, behaviors, and routines, that build up during regular training times, and come to the rescue when the athlete is immersed in the intensity of a competition – or even a difficult day.

Cain has worked with athletes, teams, and coaches in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA and more. He’s coached UFC world champions Georges St. Pierre, Vitor Belfort, and Rich Franklin. Some of the top athletic programs in the country use him too, including The University of Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, The University of Oregon, Yale University, and more.

And now we use him too, here at Hidden Gym.

In the words of Hidden Gym owner, Greg McCoy, “Getting results with clients requires so much more than just the knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Knowing HOW is of course very important, but being able to coach clients through the behaviors required to create results is equally important. A coach that understands motivation, how to build up discipline, and who can provide tools for time management and organization, is really going to get the most from their clients.”

That’s why he’s sending seven of the top Hidden Gym coaches on a six-month deep dive into the Mental Performance Mastery Certification Course. These coaches will be able to apply what they learn to your program too, if you too are part of the tribe here at Hidden Gym.

As every serious athlete knows, just because you are among the best, doesn’t mean you stop reaching higher. Our coaches model what they teach to those who choose Hidden Gym as their training center, and part of that is always getting better, training not just harder, but smarter too – and developing the mental discipline and habits to truly reach their highest potentials.

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