Hidden Gym to Join Guy Mezger in Giving Back: Jonathan’s Place

Guy Mezger

If you are a mixed martial arts fan, you’ve probably heard of Guy Mezger. If not, let me fill you in. He’s won the UFC and the King of Pancrase titles for MMA, been in several movies and on Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris – in fact, he’s a world champion in five separate sports! He has even been a staple in martial arts training in North Texas for more than thirty years.

But his championships and personal accolades are not what is most important to him.

Guy had a rough childhood, like many have. It was his dad’s tendency to “talk with his fists” that inspired Guy to start learning to fight. He started with boxing, then soon turned to wrestling, eventually entering the MMA world. His coach and mentor, Billye Jackson, helped him to get off a negative track and channel his talents and drive into the gym, and the ring. Guy rose to prominence in the combat sports and spent ten years fighting in Japan, earning his place as a household name there and making his mark in the world of international martial arts.

He could have taken those wins, the money, the fame, and turned his back on other kids like he was. Who could blame him if he had done that – hadn’t he paid his dues? But Guy didn’t want to do that; he wanted to take his success and help others to rise above tough starts. He wanted to do for others what Billye Jackson had done for him. And he even wanted to do more.

In 1994, Mezger Martial Arts began donating to Jonathan’s Place.

Jonathan’s Place

Jonathan’s Place is a charity located in Dallas County. It works to provide emergency shelter, foster care, adoption, girls’ residential treatment, a safe place, and a transitional living program for children and young adults in need. The mission of Jonathan’s Place is “to provide a safe place, loving homes, and promising futures for abused and neglected children, teens, and young adults.” That sounds like a great goal to us.

Audrey Wolfe, an MMA Instructor & Professional Fighter who also supports Jonathan’s Place, says that it is a place that “provides safety and shelter to kids that have endured more than most of us can imagine. We love to give these kids a chance to open a gift and let them know someone out there cares, and life can, and will, get better.” Because life for these kids has been hard. Very hard.

These kids need to be fighters to overcome their tough starts in life, so who better than a bunch of fighters and competitors to help them out?

Support from Mezger Martial Arts

Mezger Martial Arts has been a strong supporter of Jonathan’s Place, helping to ensure that the children in the charity’s care have some joy and hope over the Christmas season, knowing that there are people out there who care about them and their welfare. According to Mezger’s wife Michelle, “The gym members, and even extended family and friends, come together in a big way every year to gift the boys and girls literally truckloads of toys at Christmastime.” In Guy Mezger’s own words “These kids that are at Jonathan’s Place are in a tough situation and can really use some love and a break in life. We want to help provide some fun and relief to them. At Christmastime, every kid deserves a toy.”

Guy has become a personal hero to the children and young people at Jonathan’s Place, and his support has made a real difference to them. It’s made a difference to us here at Hidden Gym too.

Joining Guy and the Others in Helping Jonathan’s Place

Mezger’s Martial Arts is located at the Richardson location of the Hidden Gym, and we are proud to further develop our connection with this organization to include supporting Jonathan’s Place alongside Guy and his team, as well as other supporters.

We are always inspired by those who have overcome challenges before us. Guy’s heroes have always been brave men like Audi Murphy, one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II. Those kids need heroes too, and why not give them some a little closer to home, like Guy himself, or Audrie Wolfe, or others here at the gym. We hope our passion and drive can inspire them to overcome the pain and damage that their rough starts in life gave them, and that our money and efforts can help give them a better life as they do so.

We are proud to join Guy in uplifting Jonathan’s Place and the people they support. If you would like to support them too, visit the Jonathan’s Place website to find ways to give and to get involved. You can find them at https://www.jpkids.org/.

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