Hidden Gym Showcased in ABC Financial & Trainerize Acquisition

Hidden Gym was proud to showcased in the following video during the announcement period of ABC Financial’s acquisition of the online training platform Trainerize. Hidden Gym Owners, Greg and Tawna McCoy, have been long standing customers of both companies. Using ABC Financial for their member billing services for over a decade and working with Trainerize to deliver online fitness programs for more than 3 years.

The industry is buzzing with this new “Power Couple” and Hidden Gym is honored to serve as a case study for what the platforms can do together.

CEO of Trainerize, Sharad Mohan, and Owner of Hidden Gym, Tawna and Greg McCoy have been able to work closely together. As early adopters of the platform Tawna and Greg have showcased trainerize’s flexibility by utilizing it in several different ways.

Sharad Visiting Hidden Gym in 2019

Sharad, Greg and Tawna at the Trainerize Collective Event in Chicago in 2019

The Influencer Model

Tawna uses Trainerize to deliver low cost, scalable programs to a high quantity of clients. Pre designed programs are that are based off of Tawna’s own fitness experience give users a low cost way to work under the guidance of their fitness role model. Programs include instructional videos, LIVE Q & A calls, a comprehensive guide book to covers meal planning, cardio, supplements, recovery, gym accessories and more!


The Custom Programming Model

Greg used Trainerize to delivery high-end custom programming. Greg works with a much smaller base of clients (less than 50), but writes custom programs for them. From NPC/IFBB competitors to weight loss clients and everything in between – Trainerize offers the flexibility for Greg and his staff of 3 to deliver effective programs to a wide variety of clientele.


The Gym Model

One of the more exciting frontiers for online training is for gym provided online training. Gym’s can empower their trainers to deliver highly effective programs directly to their members, giving them more impact to their member’s results in and outside of the gym walls. The recent acquisition of Trainerize by ABC financial will ensure that this member experience is now seamlessly integrated with their membership experience. Greg and Tawna really began using the Trainerize app for Hidden Gym when forced to adapt during the COVID-19 Quarantine. Being able to deliver workouts to members while the gym was forced to shut down was a huge step in keeping their community engaged and healthy.

Features of Trainerize powered by ABC

With this platform we deliver a total fitness experience that is digitized and personalized.

  • We can create custom branded apps, branded workouts and programs that can be shared across locations.
  • We can offer custom personal training and nutrition planning packages using extensive exercise library and automation features.
  • We can provide next level engagement, using in-app group and individual messaging and inspirational videos.
  • We can deliver shared training programs, run challenges and classes online, and increase social motivation.
  • We can manage the business with our clients paperless. We can manage trainers and clients across locations, track clients performance, and set up recurring and one-time payments.
  • We can integrate with wearable devices and apps.
  • And much, much more!

The owner of the gym Greg McCoy, who is also a personal trainer, shares that working with this platform is a huge competitive advantage for the gym. He thinks that members feel more engaged, motivated and achieve better results with Trainerize.

Trainerize allows the coaches to track the total fitness journey of their clients, whether they are in the gym, or performing home workouts. Furthermore, the trainers are able to deliver their nutrition plans and workouts much faster and in a simpler way than ever.  Greg believes that these two companies working together takes the personal training business to a whole new level!

Are you curious to know more about the platform? You can read everything about it here, and here!

Do you live in Allen, Dallas or Plano? Do you want to work out at a fully equipped gym with professional coaches that use Trainerize powered by ABC? If yes, come visit us at Hidden Gym! We can’t wait to meet you and be part of your fitness journey!