HG Expert Breakdown: Mike Tyson Footage and a Possible Comeback

The boxing legend Mike Tyson recently released a training footage that went viral and suggests his possible comeback. Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight champion and is well known for his knockout power.

Mike Tyson has been one of the most ferocious fighters in professional boxing but he retired 15 years ago, in 2005.

Everybody knows that as you age, your body starts breaking down and you are not able to train and recover the same way,  as you used to do when you were younger. Nobody can train at extremely high intensity forever, and this is an inevitable part of every athlete’s career.

Mike Tyson is currently 53 years old and the question is: Can he fight again? 

Does he still have the same unstoppable drive and power? 

We wanted to share with you what boxing experts think about Tyson’s training video,  his comeback, and his skills.

For this [Hidden Gym] Experts Breakdown episode, we are talking with Tony Mack – owner of TMack Elite Training, and Steven Ocho Peterson – professional UFC fighter. Here is what they think about the skills of the 53 year old boxer.

Experts opinion on Mike Tyson’s strengths

  • Mike Tyson still got it. The training videos he posted had become so famous not only because this is Mike Tyson, but because it is obvious that he is still very powerful and fast. At this age, this guy still has crazy punching power and great speed.
  • He uses his legs. Tyson has insanely strong legs and he is using this strength in each punch.
  • His muscle memory is real. For someone who has stepped out of the ring 15 years ago, he trains and moves like this was everything he was busy with during that time.
  • Tyson might not have too much brain trauma. This is one of the greatest risks boxers face, especially when it comes to boxers his age. Fortunately, he has great defensive skills and hasn’t got knocked out many times in his career, so this should give him an advantage.
  • His punches are based on how his opponent is moving. Even from a pads workout video, it is clear that he is making his combinations in such a way that would cause most damage to his opponent.
  • It all starts in the mind. Fighting in the ring is not only about powerful punches, timing, conditioning, and smart moves. Mental strength plays a huge role and  judging from his fights and experience so far, he definitely has it. Plus, it takes a decent amount of courage and confidence to decide to come back at this age, after all this time. Only someone with a winner mindset would take this decision.

Is Mike Tyson ready to fight again?

He is definitely not in the same shape as he was during his career but he still has the passion and strong drive to be great again. His skills are there, his power and speed too, so there is nothing holding him back.

While Tyson might not be ready to jump straight into a fight with a boxer from the top 10 list, he can start with a few matches with a contender level fighters, or gatekeepers. No matter who will be his first opponent after the comeback,  It is exciting enough that we will have the chance to see Mike Tyson fight again.

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