Hany Rambod – The Pro Creator

Hany Rambod was born in Kuwait in 1975 and moved to the United States when he was just one year old. Growing up in San Jose, California, he began to get interested in bodybuilding in his teens – a hobby he continued through college. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a bachelor’s degree in biology, focusing on Neurophysiology. He wouldn’t become a Mr. Olympia himself, but he would be responsible for getting more people to Olympia titles than perhaps any other trainer or coach.


The Pro Creator

One of his nicknames – the Pro Creator – was given to him due to his significant contributions as a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist in professional bodybuilding. He has worked with several high-profile bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities, helping them to maximize gains and reduce recovery times. His clients hold multiple titles and many other accomplishments that leave no doubt as to the skill and efficacy of Rambod’s assistance.

Rambod coached Jeremy Buendia to multiple Mr. Olympia Physique titles. Buendia is well-known for dominating the Men’s Physique category at the Olympia competition. Perhaps one of Rambod’s most famous clients, Phil Heath, was coached to seven Mr. Olympia titles under Rambod’s guidance. Heath is one of the most celebrated bodybuilders in the history of the sport. In various interviews and social media posts, Heath has expressed gratitude towards Rambod, highlighting how Rambod’s expertise helped him achieve peak physical condition and secure his Olympia titles.

Although more closely associated with another coach for much of his career, Rambod also has worked with Jay Cutler, a four-time Mr. Olympia winner. Cutler is known for his incredible mass and symmetry. Rambod worked with “The Persian Wolf,” Hadi Choopan, too, who has made significant impacts in the IFBB Pro League, competing fiercely in the Mr. Olympia competitions.

A top competitor in the IFBB Men’s Physique division, Andre Ferguson has also benefited from Rambod’s coaching expertise, achieving high placements in major competitions. Nicole Wilkins, a top figure competitor, has been associated with Rambod as well. She is a multi-time Figure Olympia champion and is known for her symmetry, conditioning, and overall presentation.

22X Olympia Winning Coach

Rambod is also known as the “22X Olympia Winning Coach,” because of his remarkable track record in coaching bodybuilders to win a total of 22 Olympia titles. While there are other highly respected and successful trainers in the bodybuilding world, such as Charles Glass (the “Godfather of Bodybuilding”) and George Farah, each with their own impressive lists of successful athletes, none have been publicly recognized to surpass Rambod’s notable achievement of coaching athletes to 22 Olympia titles.

Phil Heath, a seven-time Mr. Olympia champion, has publicly praised Hany Rambod for his coaching techniques, guidance, and the significant role Rambod played in his bodybuilding career. Heath has often attributed a substantial part of his success to Rambod’s unique training methodology and his comprehensive approach to nutrition, training, and preparation strategies.

The Pro Creator. The 22X Olympia Winning Coach. Nicknames well-earned, in our opinion.


One of his contributions to the bodybuilding world is the FST-7 training program. FST-7 stands for Fascial Stretch Training 7, and is designed to target the fascial layer, found beneath the skin and above the muscles. It is particularly known for its approach of performing seven sets for a final exercise, aiming to enhance muscle growth and definition.

Phil Heath has credited FST-7 with helping him achieve an unparalleled level of muscle fullness and definition. Heath has often highlighted how the FST-7 program allowed him to push beyond his limits and achieve the muscle density and size necessary to dominate on the Olympia stage.

Jay Cutler, another Mr. Olympia champion, has worked with Rambod and utilized the FST-7 principles in his training. Cutler’s commendation of FST-7 often focuses on how it helped refine his physique, particularly in bringing out the detail and vascularity in his muscles.

Jeremy Buendia, too, a multiple-time Men’s Physique Olympia winner, has attributed part of his success to incorporating FST-7 into his training regimen. Buendia has praised the system for its ability to enhance his muscle fullness and separation, which are critical factors in the highly competitive Men’s Physique category.


Rambod founded the company Evogen Nutrition in 2008 and remains the CEO of the company. Evogen Nutrition specializes in fitness and training supplements tailored for bodybuilders and other specialized athletes – a perfect marriage between academic and athletic endeavors.

Rambod has also appeared in several major films that focus on bodybuilding. He was in “Generation Iron,” where he was featured as the trainer for Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. His expertise has been sought in various bodybuilding and fitness magazines, where he shares his knowledge and insights through columns and articles.

His career is marked by his dedication to the field of bodybuilding and fitness, both as a coach and an entrepreneur, significantly influencing the industry’s landscape.

At Hidden Gym

Rambod has utilized Hidden Gym in Texas for training sessions that emphasize his FST-7 training system. In June of 2023, he conducted an intense FST-7 chest workout here at the gym, to great success. This session was aimed at achieving significant chest development through his advanced training techniques.

We know that Hidden Gym is an exceptional venue for such high-level bodybuilding preparations, and it’s always nice when other notable pros see that too. Each location has comprehensive facilities and services, including personal training and wellness and recovery, making Hidden Gym a fitting choice for athletes like those trained by Rambod. A reputation as a unique gym experience emphasizing strong gym culture, best-in-class staff, and a supportive environment, is something we prize and continue to improve upon.

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