From Personal Trainer to Gym Owner

In the second episode of Real McCoy Radio the host Greg McCoy and his guest TJ Clark talk about one of the most desirable goals that a personal trainer might have – having their own gym.

While having a fitness staff team and coaching clients in your own gym seems amazing, what does it take to get there, and how difficult is it to keep up with everything? TJ and Greg can answer these and many other questions, as they both walked this path – from a personal trainer to gym owner.

Are you eager to learn some first-hand information and experience on the topic? Let’s jump straight into it!

You might be wondering what it feels like to have your own gym and be responsible for your own business. Well, TJ describes it as a process where you need to be constantly evolving and wear a lot of different hats. Hence, you should learn how to balance the gym business with personal training. It might not always be easy but this will definitely boost your clients volume.

There are several business models that you can go with when opening a gym, such as low cost, high volume; high cost, luxury gym, etc. TJ’s model at Legend’s Fit in Rockwall is kind of a hybrid between both, offering a good mix of personal training and small group training. There is no universal best model in this business, it all depends on your location and the services you’d like to offer. The most important part when choosing a business model is to make sure you offer something that many gyms in the area don’t.

So, if you are a personal trainer, who is looking to get into the gym ownership, here are a few key takeaways that can help you get into the right direction:

  • Make sure this is what you really want. If you are not ready to dedicate 100% of your effort to opening a successful gym and you are great at personal training, maybe it is not the right time to step away from your coaching. It is great to own a gym but it is not an easy task and you should be aware of yourself and what you truly want.
  • Know that it is a grind. Nothing happens overnight, just like in personal training clients don’t knock on your door and ask you to train them. Be prepared to work a lot to make this possible.
  • Make sure you get a mentor. Nobody was born an expert, so seek advice from more experienced people in the business. Find somebody who made it, talk to them, ask questions and learn from their mistakes.
  • Use social media. Even if you still haven’t developed your gym ownership business, you should have followers as a personal trainer as well. This is the easiest place for clients to find you and learn more about you and your services.
  • If you are going to work with a partner, definitely have a partnership agreement. Ensure that everything is clear and have exit strategies for both of you.
  • Make sure your clients get results. No matter if you are a personal trainer, or you already have a gym as well, referrals are really important. Clients strive for great results and like to talk about the people who helped them get there.
  • Don’t focus only on getting new clients. Getting more people on board is great but pay attention to your current clients and focus on keeping them happy and satisfied with your services.

Do you think that you are ready to make the first step and open your own gym? If you want to listen to the whole episode and find out everything Greg and TJ share, click here.

For more information about  TJ, check out his instagram and his gym Legends Fit Rockwall.

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