Equipment Spotlight: Pendulum Squat

The most important thing that creates an awesome gym is the people in it. That’s the philosophy of the owner of Hidden Gym, Greg McCoy.

That being said, having great equipment and the right tools is another essential thing for an outstanding place to work out at. While the equipment for the most common drills is what members notice first, there are some pieces of equipment that can really take a gym to the next level, and make it a more convenient place for different body types.

This is the case with the Reloaded Pendulum Squat by Arsenal Strength, which you can find at the locations of Hidden Gym. This type of squat has been around for a long time, but unfortunately, is a rare piece of equipment to come across these days.

The barbell squat is probably the most common way to squat. While it is an amazing exercise, it might not be the best option for everyone. Barbell squats can be very limited depending on your body type, specifically, your femur length. Ankle mobility also plays a very important role in the squat depth you can reach. The pendulum squat solves these problems because of the way it’s set up.

Тop athletes in the world like Steve Kuclo, Flex Lewis, and even some of your favorite actors like The Rock like to use Arsenal Strength, and specifically the pendulum squat in their training. Here is why!


  • Allows you to reach a full-depth squat position, no matter how flexible your ankles are
  • It puts less pressure on your back and knees
  • Helps you build muscular and strong lower body
  • You can determine which part of the lower body you want to focus more by changing your feet stance on the plate
  • It’s a great addition to other squats or a replacement of barbell squats if you cannot do them for any reason


  • Built out of heavy steel
  • The machine is long, but it’s not very wide, so it doesn’t take up that much space, considering how big and solid it is
  • Huge and adjustable footplate that allows more variety
  • Dense padding made for a heavyweight – no matter how much weight you have on the rack, you won’t feel the frame on your shoulders
  • Suitable for members of all heights
  • There’s plenty of room for weights
  • 160 pounds of counterbalance that ensure a smooth squat
  • Superior design

Do you want to try the pendulum squat and experience the benefits of this movement? If you’re ever in the Dallas area drop by any of the Hidden Gym locations and give it a try.

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