Equipment Spotlight: Arsenal Strength Incline Fly

A great gym is not defined by its equipment alone, but more by the atmosphere and the people that fill it’s walls. That being said – great equipment never hurts! It’s important that our members have the right tools for the task at hand.

We believe that the quality of the equipment is just as important as its diversity.  This is why we trust Arsenal Strength.

Arsenal strength is a company that puts knowledge behind their products. Their equipment is exactly what a gym needs because the developers understand training..

Greg McCoy, who is a personal trainer and the owner of Hidden Gym says:

“I’ve been putting Arsenal equipment on my gym floors since 2014. It’s a differentiator for sure. Lifter’s know the brand, and you get instant bonus points in our demographic for having Arsenal Strength equipment.”

Arsenal Strength products continue to evolve and push boundaries, starving for perfection. Their latest unique piece of equipment, which you can find at Hidden Gym, is called Reloaded Incline Fly. But why is this product superior to other chest fly machines out there out there?

We all know that maintaining an arch while bench pressing has many upsides. If the spine is flat on the bench, the shoulders roll forward and this changes the angle of the press. Arching your back allows you to use your upper back muscles more effectively  and keep your shoulder blades into a stable position.

Furthermore, arching can also enhance your performance and help you nail a heavier bench because it reduces your range of motion. There is a reason for powerlifters to always arch their backs when they lay on the bench.

This lumbar curved bench helps to open up the chest through the movement, while supporting the shoulders. It is comfortable for all users, thanks to the rolating knurled handles and an easily adjustable seat. In order to ensure full ROM, the machine uses 25lb plates.

This is what Greg thinks about the product:

“The Arsenal Incline is what I call the People’s Choice purchase. When this piece came out, I don’t think I’ve ever received more members requesting and asking me to get this for the gym for any other new piece. “

The handmade process is a really important part of Arsenal Strength equipment. Professionals are working non-stop in order to deliver high quality products to the industry. There are 20+ colors you can choose from, when purchasing your Incline Fly.

You can take a look at the video below, if you want to learn more about how the product is fabricated and built.

Are you from Allen, Dallas, or Plano? Do you want to work out in a gym where the equipment meets the highest standards? If yes, come visit us at Hidden Gym! No matter what your level of fitness experience is, Hidden Gym is a place where you will discover your full potential and go beyond your limits!