Episode 9 – Dr. Mark Mathis – Unleashed Podcast

Recovery is a crucial part of everyone’s training regimen. It is the bridge from the hard work in the gym to optimal performance and outstanding results.

While it is often underestimated and neglected, proper recovery can play a key role in one’s progress. In order for the body to function and recover at its best, it needs to be aligned and free from any imbalances and musculoskeletal deviations.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and guest Dr. Mark Mathis discuss the importance of body alignment and muscle activation.

Dr. Mathis is a chiropractic with years of experience in helping people regain their right posture and move pain-free. He is a co-founder of Ignite Health & Wellness, where he and his colleague Dr. Alex Williams provide recovery treatment to their patients. Their wellness center is located inside of Hidden Gym, so anyone from Allen, Dallas, or Plano can schedule an appointment.

In his interview with Yuri, Dr. Mathis shared some interesting tips and insights that can benefit anyone, especially athletes and active people. Here are some of the key points he made.

1.You don’t have to experience pain to seek treatment from a chiropractic. 

Pain in the body is definitely a sign that something might be wrong. However, it is not the only sign.

People who spend most of their time sitting or performing repetitive movements experience misalignments and musculoskeletal deviations. Even athletes and active people can face such problems, due to the lack of diverse movements in their training programs.

A misalignment within the body causes interference within the nervous system, places stress on particular joints, and the body does not work at maximum efficiency. It can leads to poor muscle balance, poor flexibility, and it can predispose you to injury.

Fixing your body’s imbalances restores the proper functions of your body and the motion of the joints. This can contribute to longevity and get you closer to your performance goals.

2.Proper alignment can prevent you from injuries. 

If one body part is out of alignment, another body part must likewise get out of alignment in order to balance it. The body always finds a way to compensate for misalignments but this can cause serious injuries.

For example, if you have rounded shoulders, this can result in a variety of imbalances, such as tight anterior shoulder joint ligaments and overstretched opposing muscles. Consequently, the stress on the joint increases, and the risk of injuries is becoming higher.

A chiropractic can address the issue, either before it develops, or before it progresses. Taking good care of your body before an injury occurs can save you a lot of headaches in the long term and will help you stay on the top of your game.

3.You can benefit from different recovery treatments. 

Chiropractic adjustment treatment is an amazing way to ease pain, improve your posture and restore your muscles’ balance. However, there are other treatments as well, that are a great way to boost your recovery and prevent injuries.

Dr. Mathis shares that besides the adjustment treatment, their center offers other services as well. Some of the treatments include:

  • Scraping: This is a soft tissue mobilization technique where an instrument is used to scrape over the skin. It improves circulation in the area and promotes healing in the body.
  • Cupping: In this therapy, special cups are placed on your skin for a while to create suction. Cupping improves blood flow, reduces inflammation and pain, and enhances relaxation.
  • Active release techniques: This technique combines manipulation and movement. Once a muscle is contracted, the chiropractor pins the muscle, and then the patient stretches in the opposite direction.
  • Passive stretching: In this therapy, the chiropractor helps you increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.

These treatments are all different but have the same desired outcome – to help the patient restore the proper function of their bodies, release pain, and minimize the risk of injuries. Not everybody responds the same way to the same things, which is why there are so many different ways to approach an issue.

A chiropractor will choose the best therapy for you, according to your individual differences and needs.

Key takeaway: If you want to enjoy being active and playing sports long-term, you should make sure you’re getting the right recovery and take great care of your body. Your efforts will pay off with progress, pain-free movements, longevity, and improved well-being.

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