Episode 8 – Kim Lee – Unleashed Podcast

Everybody has heard the quote: “It’s never too late!”.

However, not many people believe in it.

When we are challenged to make a change that is outside of our comfort zone, we often tell ourselves that it is too late for us to try.

Today’s guest in Unleashed Podcast, Kim Lee, is an example of a person who is not afraid to fight stereotypes and believes that it is never too late to experience new things.

Kim spent eight years in the United States Army Reserve and had a successful, and long career at the police. She enjoyed her career, but she was also struggling when it was time to retire.

Fortunately, a single conversation with a close friend pushed Kim in the right direction, and she decided to pursue a second career.

Kim fell in love with the gym and bodybuilding. At the age of 45, she started working out five times a week and even competed on the stage. She got so passionate about it, that eventually, Kim became a personal trainer herself.

The brave choices do not stop there. Besides starting a second career, Kim also made steps towards another passion of hers – studying human behavior and doing a Ph.D. in Organisational Behavior.

At the current date, Kim already has six years of experience with coaching clients, helping them adopt a healthier lifestyle and reach their goals.

In her interview with Yuri, Kim shared valuable tips for everyone, who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and unlock their true potential. Here are some interesting topics that she covered.

Why do so many people fail to achieve their fitness goals?

People should understand that motivation is only a fleeting feeling. It often comes and goes, which is why it is better to develop a strong discipline and find your intrinsic motivation.

There are two types of motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation comes within you and is what makes you do the things you truly enjoy. It is when you do the things you are passionate about and you don’t expect to get a reward; you just do it for the sake of doing it.

Extrinsic motivation is when you do something because of a reward. An example of extrinsic motivation is going to the gym just because you want to achieve weight loss, and/or muscle gain.

Kim explains that for working out and healthy eating to become a lifestyle, people should find their intrinsic motivation. This is why she focuses on helping her clients change their mindsets and find their internal drive to stay active.

How to know when is necessary to take a rest from the gym?

Sometimes, the rest day can be the most difficult day in our fitness program.

When you start experiencing all the benefits from working out and you feel good about yourself, you don’t want to miss a day at the gym.

However, recovery is a crucial component for your progress and it cannot be neglected. Kim shares that she emphasizes on teaching her clients how to be more self-aware and understand the importance of rest days.

How to stay consistent with our healthy eating habits on the weekends?

People should know that it is possible to have both – social life and progress with your fitness goals.

It is not necessary to sacrifice social events and isolate yourself to stay consistent with your meal plan. There is nothing wrong with going out with friends and ordering a steak and salad instead of a greasy hamburger.

Modifying your nutrition plan is the key when you are going out. Try to find the balance between staying consistent, instead of being too restrictive, or losing control over your eating behavior.

How to make the change from setting a short-term appearance goal to making it a lifestyle?

This is often a tough change, not only because some people only want to “get a summer body”, but because maintaining a good shape is more difficult than getting there.

For Kim, the way to make this change happen is, again, by finding your intrinsic motivation. She believes that motivation is not a “one size fits all” tool.

Every person should understand what inspires them, what challenges them, and what gives them a sense of fulfillment. Only then you can make a long-lasting change and focus on lifestyle goals.

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