Episode 7 – Katherine Chung – Unleashed Podcast

Women are often scared to perform a heavy workout or to lift weights. They believe that they will automatically become too muscular and miss out on the benefits of strength training.

Due to the hormonal differences between men and women, developing huge muscle mass as a woman is extremely difficult, takes a lot of time, and dedication.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and guest Katherine Chung discuss the importance of beating such stereotypes and talk about the upcoming women’s seminar at Hidden Gym.

Katherine has nearly ten years of experience with fitness, including CrossFit, bodybuilding, running, and Olympic weightlifting. She believes that women can be strong and feminine at the same time, and they should not be afraid to practice the sport they want.

Katherine has an impressive and inspirational history. She was in the military for four years and dealt with an eating disorder from competing in bodybuilding.

Katherine shares that she had to overcome a lot of struggles because she was considered overweight by the military. Even though she was fit and strong, her command always had an eye on her, which can be frustrating, especially for someone with an eating disorder background.

She believes that those struggles made her mentally stronger and more self-aware.

Many females experience similar difficulties and have a hard time accepting themselves the way they are. Even the fittest women might be dealing with eating disorders and inner battles.

Talking about those struggles and gaining more understanding is crucial for moving on and living a happier life. At the upcoming women’s seminar, members and non-members of Hidden Gym can learn more about training, nutrition, and mental health.

There will be female coaches, who are specialists in different areas, including boxing, Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, mental health, and much more. You will find out how a strong mentality can help you succeed with your fitness journey, and how to stay focused on your goal.

Why the mental health aspect is so important in training?

  • In the times we live in, posting on social media and browsing through other people’s lives is only a few clicks away. This social media influence creates unrealistic expectations about what beauty is, how you should work out, how you should dress and act.
  • Trying to fit in might be overwhelming, and most importantly – unnecessary. The aim of the mental health discussion at the seminar will be to help women realize that they don’t have to be like the famous influencers, to feel beautiful, fit, and worthy.
  • Women must know that everyone’s fitness journey is unique and this uniqueness is their power. They should not let negative comments on social media affect how they feel about themselves, or how they perform.

The seminar will be free for everyone who wants to join. It will be an empowering event that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you come hungry for both knowledge and food because there will be breakfast!

The event will take place on the 12th of June, from 9 AM to 12 PM. Text “RSVP Seminar” to (214) 471-7465 and claim your spot!

One thing is guaranteed – you will love the supportive environment and meet amazing coaches that are excited to share their knowledge!

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