Episode 5 – Dr. Alex Williams – Unleashed Podcast

Recovery plays a key role in performance and exercise. It is an essential part of any person’s program and there is a reason for it.

To improve your physical fitness you need to expose your body to stress, such as working out with weights, sprints, endurance workouts, etc. These stresses are the stimuli that make your body change. The recovery process is your body’s opportunity to adapt to these stresses.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and Dr. Alex Williams talk about the importance of recovery and how it can prevent injuries.

Dr. Williams is a chiropractor and his work is devoted to helping athletes move better. He uses a variety of recovery techniques, including cupping therapy, dry needling, active release, corrective exercise, and deep tissue massage.

He shares that different athletes have different recovery needs, so he uses an individual approach to each one of his patients.

However, there are a few common things that everyone can do and benefit from.

Top 3 tips to enhance your performance at the gym

1 -Spend quality time warming up. 

It is not enough to perform a quick warm-up before your training. Intense movements, such as lifting heavy weights and explosive exercises require strong focus. Your muscles should be awake and ready for the movement, in order to use their full potential.

Exercises that increase blood flow to the target area, such as resistance bands movements and mobility drills are a great option. A good rule of thumb is to start your workout once you are already sweating from your warm-up.

2 – Stretch after your training. 

Many people are confused about whether they should stretch before or after the workout.

Dr. Williams explains that during training, muscles are contracting and shortening, which is why it is more beneficial to stretch after exercising. He suggests adding active stretching exercises and mobility drills, instead of focusing solely on static stretches.

Examples of helpful after-workout movements include down-dog extension, low lunge, tall kneeling hip extension, seated wall angels, etc.

3 – Visit a specialist. 

If you work out three to seven times a week, you should see a specialist once a week to prevent injuries and maintain pain-free movement. If you struggle with an injury, you might need to go more often.

However, visiting a clinic that often can be difficult in the busy times we live in. This is why Dr. Williams strongly advises his patients to be mindful of their workouts, warm-ups, and recovery.

Spending more time taking care of your body can decrease the time spent in a clinic!

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