Episode 39 – Ron Holloway – Unleashed Podcast

Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are good. In fact, unexpected challenges and crises are inevitable.

Whether we’re facing a personal or professional crisis, it can leave us feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the future. However, some people are able to turn a challenge into an opportunity and emerge from it stronger and more resilient than before.

How do they do it?

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, Ron Holloway joins the show to talk about his book Antifragility: 10 Principles to Live by to Turn Crisis into Opportunity. Ron is a former special agent, author, and CEO of Arrow Coaching LLC.

In his interview with Yuri, he shares strategies and mindset shifts that can help you transform adversity into an opportunity for growth and positive change.

But first, what was the reason for Ron to look for ways to change his life?

Ron experienced a massive breakdown due to stress. He was a special agent at the most stressful agency possible in the State Department.

To rebuild his brain and body, he delved into philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. Through this journey, he developed a deep understanding of the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and made a promise to teach what he learned to others. His transformation is a testament to the power of resilience and the willingness to explore different perspectives in times of crisis.

A key theme in Ron’s book is the connection between physical fitness and mental health. Ron discusses his experience working in a military survival school, where he witnessed highly trained individuals deteriorate both physically and mentally after experiencing sleep, food, and water deprivation.

When crisis strikes, our bodies can become fatigued and our minds can become cloudy, hindering our ability to make critical decisions. It’s crucial to avoid unhealthy habits like stress eating or neglecting physical exercise, which can heighten these effects. Instead, we should aim to keep our bodies in peak condition, so that we can tackle challenges with clear thinking and resilience. After all, our bodies should be our allies, not our enemies

Ron shares that during the breakdown, he found motivation in celebrating every small achievement in his fitness journey.

He was essentially under observation for three years to see if he could continue his job. At any point, he could be told to retire on disability and receive only $25,000 per year, which was a significant loss of income for someone with a family to support. He started each day by reminding himself of his purpose and found support in a training group to help him accomplish his goals.

Ron’s story is a powerful example that maintaining our physical and mental health is critical for achieving true wellness. Neglecting one can have a negative impact on the other, which is why it’s important to prioritize both. When our minds and body are in harmony, we can unlock our full potential and approach life with strength and vitality.

As Ron approaches 50, he is more focused on the future for his great-grandchildren and beyond. The world is changing rapidly and his book with principles is a part of his legacy for them so that they can thrive in an uncertain world.

You can download the book from his website and start applying the 10 principles right away to change your life!

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