Episode 38 – David and Dani LaMartina – Unleashed Podcast

It is no secret that consistency is the key ingredient in any success story – from fitness to work and relationships, being consistent with the right behaviors is absolutely fundamental.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, David LaMartina and Dr. Dani LaMartina join the show to talk about the power of consistent hard work. They also discuss the importance of being flexible with your workout approach and share information about the upcoming seminar at Hidden Gym.

Before we get into all of that, let’s learn more about David and Dani LaMartina!

David and Dani are a couple with individual backgrounds but connected to all things related to fitness and bodybuilding.

Dave has been going to the gym since high school, after deciding that he didn’t want to be the fat kid in school anymore. He has 10 years of experience in powerlifting.

Dani only started working out in grad school. They both met in powerlifting and transitioned together to bodybuilding. Dani is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an IFBB pro and Dave will be competing on the national stage this year for bodybuilding.

Now, their focus is creating a space where people can get the information they need to thrive and take their fitness game to the next level. Together with Justin Harris, Dani and David are throwing a workshop soon on the topics of hypertrophy, fat loss, and competing.

If you live anywhere near Allen, Dallas, or Plano, and this sounds like something you can benefit from, keep reading! The workshop will take place at Hidden Gym on the 18th of February from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Whether you’re a competitor or you just love training and want to stay healthy throughout your training career, this workshop will give you the tools and insights to do so.

You can grab your spot for the workshop here

The special guest of the event will be the 5x IFBB Champ Steve Kuclo, so you definitely don’t want to miss it out if you’re passionate about bodybuilding! Prepare for a fun day of classroom learning, fabulous lunch, and a group training session with the pros in the industry!

Are you curious what kind of people and athletes Dani and David are? Besides being knowledgeable and professional, their mental toughness is absolutely inspirational!

During the interview with Yuri, they cover the importance of having the right mindset and how this helped them not give up when things were difficult. Exercise is a long-term endeavor and you should know how to adjust and keep showing up when things don’t go as planned (because they often don’t!).

For example, when Dani tore her adductor tendon while squatting, she had to face some really challenging times and find a new way to train. The doctors said they couldn’t reattach it, and while this seemed to be a downfall in her career, it turned out to be the catalyst that made her embrace other ways of training.

She shares that the injury thought her how to enjoy the process a lot more and it switched her brain into more of a bodybuilding style training. Being able to get stronger despite the injury was something that inspired her and helped her make the transition from powerlifting.

In the episode, David and Dani also discuss injury prevention and share more details about the transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding. Don’t miss out on this value-packed episode, watch it on Youtube, Apple, and Spotify!

We hope to see you at the workshop at Hidden Gym!

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