Episode 36 – Sarai Reyes – Unleashed Podcast

Mental health is something that many people are struggling with in today’s busy world. Exercise has been proven to support mental well-being, promote good mood and fight depression.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest is Sarai Reyes and she talks about the Suicide Awareness Walk that is taking place on the 5th of November and is supported by Hidden Gym. Sarai also shares her experience with losing a loved one to suicide and talks about mental health strategies.

Serai says that she never thought that someone important to her might commit suicide until it actually happened. The pain she was dealing with resulted in self-destructive behaviors and patterns, and bad surroundings.

One day, her brother asked her to go to the gym with him; this is how she got into fitness. Serai went from overweight and depressed to fit, disciplined, and proud of herself and her progress.

Here are the 4 key things she shares about maintaining a healthy mental state.

Working out and building discipline

People who experience depression and anxiety have feelings that build up. Working out and moving your body in any way always brings some clarity to your life and release emotions.

For Serai, sticking to a routine was the key element that helped her improve her mental health. Being disciplined helps build confidence, which is something very important for people struggling with depression as they often feel guilt and shame for not being well. The more you stick to your workout routine, the more you build trust with yourself, which results in a healthy coping mechanism.

Seek support and understanding from others

Another vital piece of advice for good mental health is to not isolate yourself, even if you feel like it. Besides seeking professional help, talking to friends and close ones can really make a difference in the way we feel. They don’t even need to give any advice or directions – sometimes, venting to someone who cares is more than enough to feel better.

Choose your surroundings wisely and seek places that give you a feeling of belongingness.

Talk about your feelings freely

You should be able to open up and share your emotions and feelings. The suicide statistics are 80% higher in men than women and the reason for that is probably society’s expectations that men feel pressured to meet.

Toxic masculinity where men are not allowed to have weaknesses or feel sad and depressed is something that should be talked about more often. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, tough times are a normal part of life, whether you are a man or woman.

Be careful with the information you consume

What you consume is what you’re opening yourself up to. Social media can be an amazing tool for inspiration and funny stuff but it can also be dangerous. It’s very important to be selective about who you follow there and be intentional when you’re about to browse the web. The algorithm always gives you more of what you like, comment on, and read, so make sure you give your attention to the right things.

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