Episode 35 – Dr. Darcy – Unleashed Podcast

What are stem cells and why are they so vital? How can we benefit from stem cell therapy? These and many other questions are covered in this episode of Unleashed Podcast!

In this special episode, there are a few guests who work in the medical field.

The first one is Dr. Darcy who is a doctor of Chiropractic. After a massive car accident resulted in three herniated discs in his neck and back, Dr. Darcy couldn’t heal from anything, including chiropractic therapy, massages, and electrical medicine.

Before facing surgery, a colleague of his offered him a stem cell therapy called Infiniti Matrix. The treatment was successful and not only that Dr. Darcy avoided surgery, but his discs were able to rebuild and restore!

Now, Dr. Darcy is fascinated by stem cell therapy and has dedicated his medical practice to regenerative medicine.

The second guest is Victoria and she is one of the nurses in the medical team of Infiniti Matrix. She used to work in the medical arena and she was managing the decline. Now, she works with clients who invest in their incline and she joined the show to share some interesting testimonials.

The third guest is Justin who is the oldest kid of Dr. Darcy. Justin shares that seeing his father heal from such a tough injury is what inspired him to pursue a career in the regenerative medicine field. According to him, the world needs to know that pills and surgeries are not the only way to recover from illnesses, and stem cell therapy is the future of medicine.

Together, Dr. Darcy, Victoria, and Justin answer some of the most frequently asked questions about stem cell therapy and share their experiences with patients.

What exactly is Infiniti Matrix therapy?

Infiniti Matrix is derived from the umbilical cord blood of a newborn. It’s becoming common practice for parents to save the umbilical cord blood of their child and cryo preserve it. Now, it’s possible to actually remove the red nucleated cells from there and make it autonomous.  This way there’s no need of need any blood typing and there’re no genetic concerns.


What’s left behind are the building blocks and the exact ratios, the appropriate proportions, the right frequencies, and expressions. Expressions refer to the power that’s in our blood to orchestrate and conduct the so-called symphony of regeneration in the body.

Simply put, Infiniti Matrix is derived from a healthy mom and a healthy baby’s birth. These are cells that are donated and your body takes them as its own. And it’s able to restore, repair, and rebuild from injuries and any type of problem that’s degeneration related.

Are there any side effects of this therapy?

With Infiniti Matrix the power that created you becomes the power that heals you. Rather than having unpleasant and long-term side effects, people experience improvements in areas that were not the primary reason for the therapy.

For example, if a patient comes in with a knee injury but they also struggle with some sort of heart condition, the body orchestrates the repair. In cases like this, the therapy is going to help not only with their knee issues but with their heart health as well.

The only minor discomfort that patients might experience is within the first one to two days. Victoria explains that when the body is flooded with 20 million young, healthy, robust cells, they start circulating and pulling toxins. Approximately 10% of people might experience a headache, runny nose, or nausea, but the medical team monitors their patients throughout the entire process and they get nothing but safe and healthy treatment.

What makes someone a good candidate for infiniti Matrix treatment? 

The key to healthy living is healthy regeneration.

Anyone who is facing a problem from an injury, accident, or degeneration is a great candidate.

Dr. Darcy shares that a recent patient of his was facing kidney failure and went from 33% kidney function to over 60% in just two months. These amazing results show that stem cell therapy is a great option for people suffering from degenerative problems.

Furthermore, anyone who is looking to be competitive and healthy, improve their well-being, and stay young and fit longer is a good candidate for Infiniti Matrix therapy.

Are there situations where stem cell therapy is not a good option?

If the patient is facing a rapture and there’s a retraction of that tendon, then surgery is needed.

However, Infiniti Matrix can still be helpful. It’s recommended for patients to do the therapy prior to receiving surgery because then they can get rid of the scar tissue and will recover faster.

What is the price of stem cell therapy? 

This type of therapy is a lot more affordable now than it used to be in the past.

The price for the whole program regardless of the situation is $6,500. Compared to the price years ago ($20-30,000), more and more people can now experience the benefits of quick and reliable healing.

How long does it take to fully heal with this type of therapy?

People will start to see regenerative properties within four to six weeks. It can sometimes take upwards of three to six months. Every patient is different and unique and everything depends on the level of degeneration in the body.

Why is stem cell therapy so important for the fitness industry?

Everything is a trauma for athletes. Whether you’re getting tackled in football, you’re coming down on your knees in basketball, or deadlifting heavy weights, these things are degenerative for our bodies.

Justin explains that stem cell therapy is something that can change completely the way athletes recover from intense workouts and injuries. Infiniti Matrix can help avoid major declines and degeneration and there’s no need to wait until a problem occurs.

Some athletes chose to do a regular regimen of therapy once a year, or even once every six months. While even one time can make a significant difference, doing the therapy consistently brings even better results.

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