Episode 32 – Rob Hines – Unleashed Podcast

Graduating from college and starting a career in the corporate sector might be a good path for many. However, if you are not passionate about your work, it would always feel like there is something else for you that you should be doing.

This is the case with today’s guest of Unleashed Podcast Rob Hines. Rob made the transition to the fitness industry and shares his experience with it and how he found that personal training is what he truly loves to do. He also explains the importance of the individual approach toward each client and how setting realistic expectations can play a key role in the client’s motivation.

After graduating from college in Wisconsin, Rob started working for a marketing company. He has always been interested in fitness and started doing some personal training on the side when he had the time. Rob noticed that every time he was training with a client, or when a friend was asking him questions about fitness, he would light up and become really excited to help.

This is how he found out that he wants to do personal training full time and decided to focus on that. Rob also always knew that he didn’t want to stay in Wisconsin permanently and liked the south better. He was drawn to Texas and after visiting it twice in the summer of 2020 he decided to move there.

Shortly after that, Greg contacted him and Rob is now a full-time personal trainer at Hidden Gym.

Rob picks up clients quickly and the training sessions are enjoyable for him and for the clients. He shares that building a good connection with the people and using an individual approach toward each client is what makes his coaching so successful.

Proper assessment is another important aspect of his personal training style. According to Rob, the coach should be able to meet the client at their level and help them build up on that. If the client has no prior experience, the coach should guide them while building the foundations.

Moreover, setting the right expectations can also play a key role in the client’s transformation. They should know what a realistic goal is. Most people have too high expectations, especially the ones that never worked out before. Even if they are putting tons of effort into their training and diet, change does not happen overnight. A good coach helps the clients set doable goals and shift their focus to their performance progress, which is something that many people tend to neglect.

Rob also participated in a few bodybuilding competitions. He shares that even though he couldn’t get placed, he learned a lot from this experience and would definitely try competing again in a few years. The discipline he developed over the course of the contest prep is really valuable and it is what shapes an athlete into a winner.

Sometimes, there are lessons we need to learn first before we are ready to get where we want to be. Rob’s story is an example of someone who goes after his goals and does not settle for anything that he is not passionate about.

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