Episode 31 – Omar Aguirre – Unleashed Podcast

Like with any other industry, the fitness industry changes over time.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest Omar Aguirre talks in detail about that. He has been in the fitness industry since the early 90s and has witnessed many changes in the trends.

Omar started his career in fitness as a personal trainer at the beginning of the 90s. He shares that he was one of the lucky few that was part of an acquisition when 24 Hour Fitness First came into town. He worked for them for approximately 22 years.

For the first 10 years, Omar was more on the fitness side of the house as a fitness manager, fitness operator, and regional educator. After that, he transitioned over to the management side on the sales side and club operation. Gaining experience in both sides of fitness made Omar an expert in the industry.

One of the interesting things that Omar and host Yuri discuss during the podcast is how different gyms have to be now compared to when he started his career.

When we think of how we function nowadays, we do everything through our phones. We do so many things online, including shopping, finding information, managing payments, and communicating with others… The convenience factor is always there.

According to Omar, the most successful gym clubs now are the ones that had adopted the technology factor. Gym members always wanted to feel connected and a part of a community. After the pandemic happened, this need for connection really increased and people want to have a strong feeling of belongingness.

Technology has allowed us to feel connected, no matter where we are. Even if the people aren’t present in the club, they can still feel part of it. In Hidden Gym, for example, people receive information through the app and this helps them feel more connected even when they are not physically present in the gym.

While the COVID pandemic was difficult for both gym members and business owners, Omar shares that there are opportunities in every crisis. He believes that the pandemic was a time for business owners to become more open-minded and seek new ways to improve and adapt.

However, those who were creative and adaptive before the pandemic were definitely a lot more successful.

Being innovative in your business all the time is like taking care of your health and fitness on both good and bad days. Nobody wants to join a gym when their doctor says that they really need to, right? They wish they had started earlier and built the foundation.

It’s the same with having a business in the fitness industry and facing a crisis. Those who were used to making changes, and were always striving for improvement, handled the situation much better than those who had to make a change when they were forced to.

The companies that were always trying to innovate and bring something new were the ones that got the maximum out of the situation. Many of them already had an online presence, and online classes, and were trying to interact with their members outside of the gym. This is why when the pandemic happened, they managed to come up with a plan quickly and saw opportunities in the difficulties.

The business owners that found a way to be successful during the crisis are the proof that when one door closes another one opens. If you want to hear more about that, listen to the whole episode of Unleashed Podcast with Omar Aguirre. You can do that on Youtube, Apple, and Spotify.

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