Episode 30 – Brad Holt – Unleashed Podcast

There are many things that are important for a good gym – friendly staff, a motivating environment, a clean and big area, and of course, great equipment.

Hidden Gym is so awesome because you can find all of these things combined together in a single place. The equipment at Hidden Gym is provided by a leading brand on the market – Arsenal Strength.

The guest of this episode of Unleashed Podcast is the vice president of sales at Arsenal Strength Brad Holt. Brad has 15 years of experience in the industry and he shares his insights with host Yuri.

Here are some of the questions that Brad answered during the episode.

What makes Arsenal Strength stand out from the other brands on the market? 

One of the things that makes Arsenal Strength so different than the rest is that our equipment was built by people who actually enjoy strength training. We know what people who love to do resistance training need, and we know how to make their training more efficient.

Unlike other products on the market that focus mostly on cardio machines, we’re committed to making the best possible strength equipment that we can.

Can you explain a little bit more about this process? How long does it usually take for the design to become a product?

It takes us about a year to go from an idea to being able to put a product out in the marketplace. Our brand and the audience we represent are very important to us. There’s a high standard to uphold and we’re not going to throw something out there, just for the sake of making sales.

For example, last week we released a leg extension seated leg curl combo. We went through nine prototypes on that piece before we actually signed off on it. Delivering high-quality products is a number one priority and we take our time to refine our ideas and products.

Where is the main facility for your showroom?

Our main showroom is in Knoxville, Tennessee. If someone’s interested in coming and trying the product before purchasing, they can come there and take a look at the things we have.

Anyone can reach out to us via email – info@arsenalstrength.com

People are welcome to come and train on every piece that we make, and experience the environment at the showroom. They can also see how we do the gym design aspect and tie everything all together.

If someone can’t make it to Knoxville, Tennessee, we have a satellite showroom in Las Vegas that’s tied to the Dragon’s Lair. It’s a separate facility within the Dragon’s Lair that has a limited product offering there but we can still hold meetings and discuss the details. Furthermore, the Dragon’s Lair has every equipment piece as well so we are still able to show the products.

Do you already have a lineup to choose from for people to buy? And if they buy, how long does it take for them to receive?

We quote around a 24-week lead time because the raw materials and resources are a little bit limited.

If someone goes on our website and builds a quote, one of our sales team members will reach out to them. We prefer this approach instead of simply adding a product to a cart and purchasing. This way we can talk to the customers, help them choose the best equipment for their facility, and make sure that they are aware of the delivery time.

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