Episode 3 – Kelady Wendland – Staying Accountable to your Goals

Fitness goals require dedication, strong will, and a deep drive to succeed. Results don’t happen overnight and it takes patience to stay focused and determined.

However, for most people, having someone to hold them accountable for their actions can greatly improve their performance. Receiving guidance and support from your surroundings is crucial for reaching your goals in less time and unlocking your true potential.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, coach Kelady Wendland goes into details about this topic and shares how she helps the members of Hidden Gym stay accountable to their goals.

Kelady and host Yuri discuss the importance of being responsible for your own progress and reveal tangible tricks for staying inspired and motivated with your fitness journey.

Here are the top 4 tips that Kelady shares in the podcast. 

1 – Know exactly where you are now and where you want to go. 

If you set a goal without being aware of your starting point, your journey might be chaotic.

At Hidden Gym, you can do detailed baseline testing that includes body fat testing, 3D scan, and measurements. This can help you create an action plan and take you to your goal faster.

Kelady believes that seeing the numbers from these tests act as a wake-up call. Not only that these numbers tell you where you are, but they are also the foundation to move forward.

Even though it could be difficult for some people to face their test results, the coaches at Hidden Gym are available to provide you with support and recommendations. Where you are on your test day is not where you are going and does not determine your success.

2 – Find a way to stay accountable for your goals. 

It is not too difficult to skip a workout when you train on your own. Your mood changes many times throughout the day you might not always feel like putting in the effort.

Having to meet your workout partner or coach makes it a lot more likely for you to show up and be active. It takes your determination to another level and helps you stay committed.

Another great way to accomplish this feeling is to attend group fitness classes. Similar to working out with a friend, the group environment makes you feel like you already have an appointment that you need to attend.

Furthermore, fitness classes are fun and motivating because everyone there is on the same mission as you – to be fit and healthy, and to get closer to a certain goal.

3 – Plan everything ahead. 

This step is really important, especially for people who don’t like working out in a group or with a partner.

There is nothing wrong with working out on your own but you’d better have a way to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t have a plan it gets easy to get off track.

Writing down your schedule for the week and planing your time carefully allows you to feel responsible for your goals and more in control of your everyday life.

4 – Take one day at a time. 

While you should think about your schedule and actions ahead, you might want to do the opposite when it comes to your expectations.

Trust the process and don’t get discouraged when the end results are not visible in the first few weeks. It takes hard work and patience to get where you want to be, so focus on your tasks every single day.

Work on developing a strong mindset and aim to improve every day. Small and steady steps can take you far if you stick to your plan and goal.

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