Episode 28 – Connor Deuby – Unleashed Podcast

Bodybuilding is a fascinating and interesting sport. It’s different from anything else and it challenges the competitors to stay dedicated to the end goal 24/7.

In today’s episode of Unleashed Podcast, Connor Deuby joins the show to talk about the lessons learned throughout his competitive career in bodybuilding.

Connor’s first bodybuilding competition took place in 2018 and he competed in the classic physique division. Connor came a long way since then and even started coaching other competitors as a full-time job.

He shares that one of the most important lessons he had to learn was to stay lean during the offseason. Staying in shape all year round really makes the show prep easier, and it helps you build stronger discipline than if you’re on top of your game only around shows.

The approach that helped him stay shredded during the whole season is very interesting. Connor allowed himself to eat something different from his planned meals only after he had all of his meals for the day. This way he wouldn’t replace a healthy meal with a burger and he would eat less junk food because the cravings are not that strong after you’ve had sufficient food during the day.

A common practice for competitors is to attend more local shows throughout the year. This way they have a very short offseason and stay lean all year long. However, Connor says that this is not a good method to get ready for the big shows if your goal is to turn pro.

Big competitions require much more time of preparation and hard work. If your goal is a professional bodybuilding career, the frequent local shows would just distract you from your goal and you wouldn’t have the time to build more muscle mass.

Connor also shares that no matter how important the winning mindset is, you shouldn’t have any expectations during your first shows. The first show is where you find out if you really enjoy being on stage; if you are comfortable with it; if this is something you want to get better at, and so on.

There is always going to be another show, so there is no need to stress about your first competition that much. The main goal here is to decide whether you’d like to do this in the long term.

It is also unlikely to guess the outcome of a show because you never know who is going to show up on the stage. There might be a lot more experienced competitors out there, and there might be not. Focus on doing your best work and do not worry about the things that are outside of your control.

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