Episode 26 – Caleb Mitchel – Unleashed Podcast


Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They are used for many essential functions in the body, including the growth and maintenance of tissues.

Protein is responsible for the growth and repair of the muscles, which makes it a very important macronutrient for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Beef is a great source of quality protein, minerals, and creatine.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest is Caleb Mitchel who is the owner of Design your Beef.

If you want to eat healthily, you should choose meat and fish carefully. The diet of the animal is an important part of the quality of the product. When we shop meat from the supermarkets, we do not know what the animal has been fed on, and what we are getting into our bodies.

Design your Beef is a company that sells high-quality beef directly to the customer. What is great about their approach is that they control everything about the diet of the cows. For example, with grass-fed beef, which is known to be a healthy option, the diet of the animals is still uncertain because they are eating what is available. Furthermore, the grass is not a good mix of diet and the taste of the beef is not very good.

At Design your Beef, the diet of the cattle is controlled and customized by a nutritionist. It also includes flaxseed and cottonseed, which promote the growth of omega 3-s in meat. This way customers can have beef that is lower in cholesterol and high in good fatty acids.

Caleb shares that the lifestyle of the cattle matters a lot for the taste and quality of the meat. The cattle at the Design your Beef are raised in an open barn facility, where they can come in and out when they please. They also have bedding to lay down in, filtered water, and fans for the summer heat. All of these things ensure that the animals are living a good life and are not stressed. This results in a great-tasting, tender beef.

If you are curious to try high-quality beef, you are welcome to come to Hidden Gym this weekend. Design your Beef is doing a cookout for the athletes for the powerlifting competition and anybody is welcome to come in and get a free hamburger!

At the event, there will be 55-day aged hamburgers, which are so tender, that can be cut with a plastic fork! When the hamburger ages for so many days,  the flavor gets absorbed into the meat. The extra water evaporates and this way the burger doesn’t shrink when you put it on the grill, while you’re getting a really concentrated flavor. What’s unique about these hamburgers is that they don’t need any condiments to taste amazing.

You can buy meat from Design your Beef by going to the ranch in Detroit, or by ordering on the phone. If you live in Texas, the beef can be delivered to your door. There’s no option to order it online and the reason for this is because the staff wants to help you choose the best meat for you and provide you with more information, over the phone call.

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