Episode 25 – Daniel Borden – Unleashed Podcast

Lifestyle transformations are inspiring and tough journeys full of challenges. The people who manage to achieve these transformations usually have a strong willingness to change.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, guest Daniel Borden talks about his fitness transformation and experience with weight loss. In 2021, Daniel decided that it was time to change his lifestyle and start taking care of his health. He has an agency across the street from Hidden Gym, and one day, he just walked in and signed up for personal training. Since then, he adopted healthier eating habits, committed to his workout plan, and never looked back.

Daniel shares that he was never focused on the number on the scale. Instead, he wanted to drop his body fat percentage, build muscle, and have more energy. He says that it doesn’t matter if you are losing weight, but still have low muscle mass and high body fat. It would not help you feel and look amazing. Body composition is far more important than your weight.

Here are some of Daniel’s most insightful and inspiring answers during the interview with Yuri.

What was the main motivation that initiated the change?

I try to live my life based on the two main principles that God gave us. These principles are “Love God” and “Love people”. Over the last several years, developing my business plan and eventually opening my business, I learned that becoming the best version of yourself is one of the best ways to love people.

I noticed that whether we were succeeding with our business, or going through a rough spot, I was always tired. This affected my work capacity and I was not giving my best to the people around me.

I knew that in order to keep up with my business and to feel fulfilled, I needed to change something. I’m a physical being. And if I’m not taking care of my physical health, how on earth am I supposed to expect my business, or my spiritual journey to thrive? I was living inside a body that was not happy, so I knew I  had to commit to a lifestyle transformation.

What made you successful with your transformation?

There were definitely some struggles along the way. However, I was able to hit my initial goal of getting sub 8% of body fat. What I focused on was consistency and being methodical. I had learned some concepts through business and through life. I’ll give a little shout-out to Grant Cardone. One of the things he says is when you’re taking a step, commit now and figure out the rest later. Because if you try to figure everything out before you commit, you’ll never start.

When I entered the gym, I didn’t just get a membership. I signed up for coaching. I talked to a dietician and did everything they told me to do. That was my step one, which got me through the temptations. Instead of treating myself with cheat days or cheat meals, I made sure to always challenge myself and take the more difficult option, in order to grow. For example, if I had to choose between four and five cardio sessions per week, I’d go with five.

Do you think that working out and eating healthy became a lifestyle that you will be able to carry on?

Absolutely.  When you feel the physical change in your body and the increased energy levels, there is no way not to love your healthy lifestyle. The entire agency production went up because of that and everyone noticed the progress.

I didn’t realize how important it was to remind myself about the progress I’ve made. Then I noticed that if I didn’t look at my progress, I’d forget about it and the temptation for unhealthy food grows stronger. Now, I make sure to look at myself in the mirror every day to cherish and value my progress.

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