Episode 24 – Greg McCoy – Unleashed Podcast

2021 has been a very important year for Hidden Gym. It was packed with many fun events for the members and the staff, including certification courses, both on the rehab and on the mental performance side of fitness, fat loss classes, and muscle building classes.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest is the owner of Hidden Gym – Greg McCoy. Host Yuri and Greg talk about the past year and discuss what’s next for Hidden Gym in 2022.

The three core values of Hidden Gym are philanthropy, community, and education. Greg shares that he enjoys the educational agenda they’ve been able to put together in 2021 and they would continue to do that in 2022. Furthermore, a new gym will be open soon in downtown Allen!

Do you already know the new gym opening date?

The new facility was supposed to be open in September 2021. Due to Covid, there were multiple delays with the building materials, which continued to push the project back.

Hopefully, it would be open in the first quarter of 2022!

The good news for the current Hidden Gym members is that we were able to renew the lease for an additional five years with another five-year option. This means that we can continue to improve the facility without fear of having to move.

All of the Unleashed Podcast guests mention that the environment in the gym is what they love most about it. What makes Hidden gym such a friendly and welcoming place?

A room full of the best equipment in the world is nothing. We focus on keeping our team happy and healthy and they contribute to making Hidden Gym an awesome place. Our members and followers feel the positive vibe and enjoy their time working out. People help other people and feel supported on their journeys.

Can you share more information about the client’s experience with a trainer at Hidden Gym?

At Hidden Gym, members do not hire a trainer, they hire a team. The team includes a head coach, which is me, overseeing everything that we’re doing, and one or two trainers that are more dedicated to the client than anyone else. The team also includes nutritionists that focus solely on nutrition for our clients. Furthermore, the administrative assistants help the client if they’ve got bloodwork, body scan, or any other test done, by putting the new information on the client’s file. The clients also receive reminders when to take new progress photos.

In contrast to one-on-one training, our approach helps the client by providing support and guidance from about eight people that are specialists in different areas.

We also offer online coaching to everyone who wants to experience a health and fitness transformation. Our clients can live anywhere in the world and receive a high-quality coaching experience. The bright side of what happened in 2020 is the evolution of the tools of working remotely. This is something that we would definitely continue doing in 2022.

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