Episode 23 – Diego Diaz – Unleashed Podcast

Recovery and proper body alignment are important parts of an efficient workout plan. It helps you move pain-free and progress faster.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and chiropractor Diego Diaz talk about misalignments within the body and the problems they can lead to.

Diego Diaz shared that if there’s a misalignment within the spine, it causes interference within the nervous system. The nervous system is how the body functions. If we can remove the interference, then we can help restore function within the body.

When should we see a chiropractor?

While most people think that you should visit a chiropractor only after they experience pain, a specialist can help prevent the pain and move better. It is a good idea to visit a chiropractor if something in your body feels abnormal or out of whack, but also if you do repetitive movements or you stay in the same position every day.

What causes misalignments?

Many things in our everyday life can cause misalignments. Repetitive movements such as sitting or standing all-day and poor exercise technique are the main reasons for problems within your body.

What part of the human body seems to be the most problematic?

Most people have issues with their backs. Males that keep their wallets in their back pocket and sit for long periods, often experience misalignments and pain in their back because of the uneven surface the wallet creates. Furthermore, sitting with crossed legs is the most common reason for women to have similar pain and misalignment in the back too.

It is important to note that the spine functions as a unit. For example, a patient can have only a low back complaint, but chiropractors are going to address the neck as well. Usually, after an assessment, when people have low back pain, they assumably have forward head posture. This is often caused by poor posture whenever we’re working or using our smartphones.

Even if we don’t experience neck pain, forward head posture affects everything below the neck as well.

What are the benefits of alignment for active people that work out at a gym regularly?

Different people prefer all types of different workouts in the gym, such as bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting, etc. Whichever your favorite sport is, it causes you to do the repetitive movement.

Oftentimes, repetitive movement and all of the stress we put on the joints can be overwhelming. Getting that proper motion restored into the joints by your chiropractic can help you with longevity and can improve performance.

Does proper alignment help to prevent injuries?

You don’t need to be in pain to visit a chiropractor. From a prevention standpoint, many of us will function and move much better than we do, if our body is aligned properly. Proper body alignment helps you perform exercises with great form. Misalignments might cause your body to compensate while doing a certain movement that’s challenging.

Addressing the issue, either before develops or even before progresses, is key to preventing injuries.

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