Episode 22 – Tony Mack – Unleashed Podcast

Boxing is one of the toughest sports out there. Many people avoid giving it a try because they think boxing is all about fighting. While to compete in boxing, you must fight in the ring, participating in boxing training can be fun and beneficial to everyone, who wants to be quick, explosive, and in great shape.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and boxing coach Tony Mack talk about boxing as a way to improve your conditioning, endurance, and fitness level.

Tony shares that he has students at different fitness levels. They focus a lot on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and bodyweight training. While Tony encourages everyone to push their limits and go beyond them, the classes are also safe and modified for beginners.

One of the biggest false beliefs that people have is that they need to get in shape first before they start boxing. It is a boxing coach’s job to get you in shape and help you level up your fitness. There is no need for prior experience or to be in a good shape to start boxing.

Tony encourages everyone who is on the fence to just take action and start coming to training. No matter if you are fit or overweight, Tony can meet you where you are and work with you towards a better you.

Besides professional fighters and boxing enthusiasts, Tony also coaches amateur fighters. He shares that it is really impressive to see athletes, that also have other jobs and hobbies, give 100% on every boxing workout, sparring session, and fights.

Furthermore, amateur fighters are able to enjoy the game a bit more than professionals, because this is not their job – they do it for fun and for the challenge. They can still enjoy the mindset benefits and improve their mental toughness without getting too serious about the outcome.

Being able to participate in amateur fights at an older age is like having a second chance in life. Maybe you wanted to compete in the past, or maybe you always wondered what it could be to step in the ring, but for some reason never did. This is where amateur fights come in and give you that second opportunity to experience a competition.

Tony shares that the vibe of the amateur fights is so powerful that the competitors treat the community as a family. Everyone is motivated, determined, and works really hard for their fights, in order to win and celebrate with the other fighters.

Boxing is a fascinating game and it’s a lot more than throwing punches, taking punches, and being strong. Boxing is a brain game where you need to spot your opponent’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage. According to Tony, this is what takes a great fighter to the next level.

While boxing training is a group class, Tony makes sure he takes care of everyone in the class personally. You will never feel left behind and your coach will know how to help you individually with your specific struggle during the training.

If you always wanted to try boxing or you used to enjoy the sport in the past, visit coach Tony Mack at Hidden Gym and become a part of a friendly and motivating community.Do you want to listen to the full episode of Unleashed Podcast? You can do that on Apple, Spotify, and Youtube!