Episode 20 – Giovanni Sanguily – Unleashed Podcast

Weight gain is one of the most common health and body image problems. People can gain weight at many stages of their lives, especially during the stressful and overwhelming periods, when other responsibilities take over.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest is Giovanni Sanguily. He used to be a personal trainer before getting into business and entrepreneurship. He has interesting experience that shows how coaches can also fall off the wagon sometimes and neglect their health.

When he started out his business, Giovanni prioritized his work and time with his family over everything else. Even during his workout sessions, he was responding to work emails or leaving his workouts unfinished to attend business meetings. Being under a lot of pressure and inconsistent with his workouts resulted in serious weight gain. As a trainer, he always assumed that he can get back on track quickly but this gave him a false feeling of ‘having everything under control’.

Giovanni shares that a mindset shift made him understand that his personal health also deserves a place in his top priorities. He realized that attending more meetings and working extra hours might bring him more money, but even if he had millions of dollars, it wouldn’t matter, if he was not healthy to enjoy it. He transitioned from taking business calls at the gym parking a lot and eventually skipping the workout, to putting his training first, no matter how busy work gets!

Once Giovanni became consistent with the gym, he started making changes to his nutrition as well. He started thinking about his macros more and planned his meals ahead.

Tremendous changes do not happen all at once, which is why he decided to take everything step by step. Giovanni shares that even though he was a personal trainer in the past, he still needed help from an experienced coach to help him stay accountable and show him a more effective way to train. He is a good friend of Greg, who is a personal trainer and owner of Hidden Gym. Greg helped him not only to get back in shape but to make fitness part of his life again.

Giovanni explains that it becomes easier to stay consistent once you have a scheduled workout with a coach that you deeply respect. Even if there are days that you show up only not to disappoint your trainer, the final result is executing one more workout. Furthermore, your coach can push you to go further with your training on the days you don’t feel like it.

Giovanne managed to lose 80lbs in 13 months and his body fat dropped from 41% to 19%. His goal now is to reach 15% body fat and compete on the bodybuilding stage. This is a pretty impressive change and proves that with the right mindset and support, everything is possible.

Despite Giovanne’s fears that his business won’t progress that well, when he spends less time working, everything turned out even better. His business is more successful than ever and he feels and looks much happier, confident, and healthy.

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