Episode 19 – Bakker Shields – Unleashed Podcast

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. It’s getting bigger, more interesting, and appealing to all kinds of people.

Entrepreneurs have a major role in the fitness industry’s development. Today’s guest in Unleashed Podcast is Bakker Shields, who is an entrepreneur, trainer, and bodybuilder. He shares how he is aligning fitness and entrepreneurship to innovate the industry.

Bakker is only 23 years old but he is really passionate about ownership and fitness. He runs a few companies, including a company for innovative cool fitness equipment.

After experiencing a knee injury and surgery, Bakker had to go through the rehab process. The rehab focuses a lot on making the patient’s glutes and legs stronger, in order to reduce the pressure of the injured knee. The main exercises are performed with resistance bands around the thighs (aka glute bands).

What Bakker noticed during the rehab was that the bands were not modified in any way to make the process easier for an injured person. He was really terrified every time the therapist stretch out the band and shimmy it up his huge swollen knee to put it in place, and then stretch it out to pull it down, once he completes the exercises. He was worried that the therapist could accidentally let go of the band and it would snap and hurt his knee even more.

He started looking for a solution to this problem and thought that if there was a resistance band with a buckle on it, it would solve the issue. After doing some research, he found out that nobody has ever thought about creating such bands. Bakker started working on the project, found manufacturers, and ended up getting it created. This is how the Ubora buckle bands came to life. Instead of feeling bad about a problem, he provided a solution to it that would benefit more people around the world.

Bakker is involved in another interesting fitness company. He is the president of Revive Gummies, which produces creatine gummies. We all know that creatine powder does not have a pleasant taste and nothing can make it an enjoyable supplement to take. These creatine gummies end that problem. Besides that the gummies are delicious, they are sold in cool and unique small boxes with drawers, which makes them very easy to store and take.

The gummies contain creatine HCL, which is 40 times more water-soluble than creatine monohydrate. Furthermore, one gram of HCL is equivalent to five grams of monohydrate. One creatine gummy provides a full serving of creatine HCL.

Besides creating new things for the fitness industry, Bakker has teamed up with his sister and they both provide online training. One of the most important things he focuses on in his coaching is the foundation. He shares that exercises executed with the right form can bring greater results than more weight on the bar.

It seems that no matter how young or old you are if you follow your inner voice, you can be great at the things you are truly passionate about. If you want to listen to this episode of Unleashed Podcast and learn more about how Bakker aligns fitness and entrepreneurship, you can do that on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple.

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