Episode 17 – Mike Kearney – Unleashed Podcast

Strength training is the best and fastest way to build muscle. Strength training equipment allows you to hit a specific muscle, execute more reps or add more weight. This is a much safer way compared to exercising with free weights.

Strength training equipment evolves constantly, and today we have the chance to experience the latest innovation in the industry.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and guest Mike Kearney talk about PRIME Fitness Equipment. PRIME features the most innovative, versatile, and effective strength training technology in the world.Mike explains that PRIME uses Smart Strength Technology, which gives the user the ability to manipulate the resistance profile of a given exercise. Users are able to place the peak resistance at the desired location, taking their exercise to a whole new level.

The resistance can vary through 3 different ranges of motion: beginning, middle, and end. This changes how challenging the exercise is at different portions of the rep, which allows stimulating the muscle in different ways.

Furthermore, this technology gives tons of versatility, flexibility, mobility, and ensures efficient hypertrophy training.

PRIME equipment offers many different racks and machines. 

The Prodigy series consists of four rack options, a half rack, a power rack, an HLP plate loaded rack, HLP selectorized rack, and the Prodigy single stacks. Each piece of PRIME is hand-crafted, robust, made from steel, and built to last.

The Prodigy series covers everything that a fitness enthusiast or an athlete would need from gym equipment.

Many people nowadays are looking for reliable and functional home gym equipment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why PRIME launched their single stack, which is the perfect all-in-one tool for people that don’t have much space at home and don’t want to spend too much on equipment.

The single stack covers the bases of a product that could be applicable in a home gym and exceeds users’ expectations. This cable machine includes a lat pulldown seat, low row footplate, dip bar, and single-leg roller pad. It also comes with a 350lbs weight stack with built-in band pegs, which makes it a universal piece for home users.

Considering the fair price, the innovative Smart Strength Technology, and the high quality of the PRIME products, this equipment is the best on the market for both gyms and homes. It is equipment that lasts and helps users perform the most efficient workout faster.

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